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Current Topics in Catalysis   Volumes    Volume 12 
Development of Ni-Rh-Al catalysts for methane dry reforming: Influence of the method of preparation
María E. Iriarte, María M. Montenegro, Alicia Bachiller, Daniel E. Ardissone, Adolfo E. Castro Luna
Pages: 53 - 60
Number of pages: 8
Current Topics in Catalysis
Volume 12 

Copyright © 2016 Research Trends. All rights reserved

The influence of the preparation method of the nickel-rhodium-aluminum based catalyst on its microstructure and catalytic activity for methane carbon dioxide reforming was studied. Aluminum sec-butoxide, Ni 1-metoxi 2-propoxide and rhodium nitrate were used as starting reactants. Three catalysts were prepared by the main methods: i) hydrolysis and thermal decomposition (TD), ii) hydrolysis and acid peptization (sol-gel, SG) and iii) hydrolysis, thermal decomposition and hydrothermal treatment (TD-HT). The three catalysts were evaluated for a period of 30 hours with the same metallic composition, 14% Ni, 1.4% Rh and the same operating conditions namely temperature, 790 ºC; W/FºCH4,in (relationship between mass of catalyst and the flow of methane in the feed stream), 0.5 g.h.mol-1 and CO2:CH4 ratio 1.0. The best bulk catalyst identified was (Ni-Rh-Al)TD-HT, showing excellent activity, selectivity, and stability. On the other hand the catalyst (Ni-Rh-Al)TD-HT was analyzed in a fixed bed reactor, modifying initial conditions such as temperature, W/FºCH4,in and CO2:CH4 ratio for a period of 120 hours achieving excellent catalytic activity, selectivity and stability. Studies on all catalysts evaluated reveal a low filamentous-type carbon deposition.
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