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Trends in Entomology   Volumes    Volume 19 
Two new species of Nicoletiid (Zygentoma) insects from Mexico: Range of cave-adapted species restricted within karstic regions?
Luis Espinasa, Abrianna Gutierrez, Róza Anna Szentesi
Pages: 141 - 153
Number of pages: 13
Trends in Entomology
Volume 19 

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The Sierra de El Abra in Northeast Mexico spans close to 130 km. Anelpistina quinterensis is a cave-adapted nicoletiid (Insecta: Zygentoma) that has been identified in numerous caves across the Sierra de El Abra. This suggests that the species has a high dispersal capability, allowing for the colonization of neighboring cave systems. Two new populations of cave-adapted nicoletiid were found in the adjoining Sierra de la Colmena and Xilitla karstic mountain range. They are separated from the Sierra de El Abra by only 15 km. Molecular data (16S rRNA) and morphology indicate that the new populations belong to a different and new species, with its closest known relative being a surface species living under rocks in the same Xilitila area. Results suggest that the non-karstic corridor between Sierra de El Abra and the Sierra de la Colmena/Xilitla area, with no limestone caves, has functioned as a barrier for dispersal. This obstacle may have promoted the development of troglobitic species specific to each karstic area. Tentative dates for dispersal events are provided.
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