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Current Topics in Electrochemistry   Volumes    Volume 25 
Copper-driven catalyst design for improved oxygen reduction reactions in carbon-based materials
Arseniy Kalnin, Ksenia Kharisova, Daniil Lukyanov, Oleg Levin, Elena Alekseeva
Pages: 65 - 72
Number of pages: 8
Current Topics in Electrochemistry
Volume 25 

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The oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) plays a critical role in various energy conversion and storage platforms, making it imperative to develop catalysts which are not only highly efficient, but also economically viable. Carbonaceous materials doped with non-noble metals, especially copper, have emerged as a promising alternative to precious metal catalysts. Despite serious efforts in this direction, the meticulous adjustment of the catalytic efficacy of these materials remains a challenging task. Given this pressing need, we propose a multifaceted strategy for the systematic design of catalytically active agents based on a copper complex anchored in a ligand containing a pyridine form of nitrogen. This intricate complex serves a dual purpose: it orchestrates the environment of copper atoms by embedding them amidst nitrogen moieties, thereby preventing their propensity to agglomerate. At the same time, it fulfills the role of a nitrogen source, directing the onset of structural defects. In particular, the dimensions of the metal clusters within these catalysts are significantly reduced compared to their conventional counterparts. This feature results in an improvement of their electrochemical properties and enhances the kinetics governing the ORR process.
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