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Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology   Volumes
Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology
Volume 2
Published in 1991
Table of Contents
1 Photoinduced electron-transfer in ultrathin membranes mediated by porphyrin derivatives
Pages  1 -  12
Michel Momenteau, Patrick Seta, Elisabeth Bienvenue
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2 Lipid-protein interactions in relation to light energy distribution in photosynthetic membrane of eukaryotic organisms. Role of trans-Δ3- hexadecenoic acid-containing phosphatidylglycerol
Pages  13 -  32
Antoine Tremolieres
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3 Enzymic excision of pyrimidine hydrates from DNA
Pages  33 -  41
Nahum J. Duker, Tapan Ganguly
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4 Direct observation of chloroplast thylakoid macroorganization by new spectroscopic methods
Pages  43 -  59
L. Finzi, C. Bustamante
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5 Recent progress in the photoreactions of melanins
Pages  61 -  67
Takayuki Oniki, Umeo Takahama
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6 Nitrate assimilation by microalgae
Pages  69 -  111
José M. Vega, Alberto Menacho, José León
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7 Induction by light of a prokaryotic gene that is repressed by calcium - A review
Pages  113 -  120
J. Kenneth Hoober, Donald G. Phinney
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8 Mechanistic studies toward an understanding of photocrosslinking of 5-bromouracil-containing nucleic acids to associated proteins
Pages  121 -  136
Timothy M. Dietz, Tad H. Koch
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9 The role of keratinocyte-derived suppressive cytokines in the systemic immunosuppression induced by ultraviolet B radiation
Pages  137 -  154
Stephen E. Ullrich
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10 Flavin-photosensitized oxidation and reduction of redox proteins
Pages  155 -  167
Miguel A. De la Rosa, José A. Navarro, Mercedes Roncel, Manuel Hervás, Gordon Tollin
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11 Aspects of 2nd derivative spectroscopy applied to aromatic protein chromophores
Pages  169 -  180
Giovanni Colonna, Antonio Facchiano, Paola Stiuso, Donatella Vincenti, Raffaele Ragone
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12 Photomorphogenesis in fungi, with special reference to photosporulation
Pages  181 -  198
Tadashi Kumagai
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13 Studies on phototoxicity of 5-methoxypsoralen (5-MOP)
Pages  199 -  203
O. Hölig, J. Barth
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14 Synthetic photochromic polypeptides as models for biological photoreceptors
Pages  205 -  214
Osvaldo Pieroni, Adriano Fissi, Francesco Ciardelli
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15 Interactions and photoreactions between psoralens and nucleic bases. An intra-molecular approach using synthetic models
Pages  215 -  228
Jean-Luc Décout, Jean Lhomme
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16 Biomedical application of porphyrin photosensitizers
Pages  229 -  236
Alan R. Morgan, Greta M. Garbo
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17 UV induced modifications on DNA molecule
Pages  237 -  247
Mirella Matzeu
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18 Photo-induced cutaneous inflammatory reactions
Pages  249 -  272
I. Aravind Menon, Narendranath S. Ranadive
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19 SOS-like response to UV-irradiation in Acinetobacter calcoaceticus
Pages  273 -  279
Dvora Berenstein
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20 Probing for active arginyl residues of enzymes by means of 2,3-butanedione (Biacetyl) and other diketones or ketone aldehydes-potential photochemical interferences
Pages  281 -  288
Kauko K. Mäkinen, Pirkko-Liisa Mäkinen
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21 Stress-induced biological luminescence
Pages  289 -  308
Janusz Slawinski
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22 Detection and localization of early lung cancer by laser-induced fluorescence
Pages  309 -  322
Stephen Lam, Jaclyn Hung, Branko Palcic
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23 Sporophore photomorphogenesis of a higher fungus, Coprinum congregatus
Pages  323 -  328
Gérard Manachere
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24 Photodynamic therapy of malignant primary brain tumours
Pages  329 -  336
Paul J. Muller, Brian C. Wilson
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25 Bilirubin under light: A new look
Pages  337 -  347
Giovanni Agati, Franco Fusi, Riccardo Pratesi
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26 Development in the theory of energy gap law of electron transfer reactions
Pages  349 -  365
Toshiaki Kakitani
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27 Solar UV radiant exposure in high mountain areas and related biological effects
Pages  367 -  385
W. Ambach, M. Blumthaler
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28 Photochemically induced dynamic nuclear polarization (Photo-CIDNP) of photosensitizing drugs
Pages  387 -  410
Jean Marko, Gaston Vermeersch
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29 Application of the polarized light photoacoustic in photosynthesis research
Pages  411 -  420
D. Frackowiak, D. Wrobel, A. Dudkowiak
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30 Mechanisms of vascular stasis induced by photodynamic therapy
Pages  421 -  425
E. Ben-Hur, T. M. A. R. Dubbelman
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31 Chemiluminescence as a means of following the function of phagocytic cells
Pages  427 -  443
Claes Dahlgren, Per Follin, Agneta Johansson, Ronny Lock, Helen Lundqvist, Asa Walan
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32 Photodynamic diagnosis and therapy in lung cancer
Pages  445 -  455
Harubumi Kato, Norihiko Kawate, Chimori Konaka
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