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Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology   Volumes
Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology
Volume 3 Issue 2
Published in 1994
Table of Contents
1 Photodegradation of organic pollutants by complexation with transition metals (Fe3+ and Cu2+) present in natural waters
Pages  361 -  370
S. Andrianirinaharivelo, G. Mailhot, M. Bolte
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2 Chlorophyll a in aqueous organic solvents : Spectroscopic and electrochemical investigation of the factors effecting molecular aggregation and photoreactivity
Pages  371 -  382
A. Agostiano
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3 Photochemistry and phototoxicity of drugs, carboxylic acid-derived
Pages  383 -  402
Franklin Vargas, Carlos Rivas
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4 Photodynamic therapy using systemically administered 5-aminolaevulinic acid
Pages  403 -  412
A. J. MacRobert
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5 Photo-induced optical and electrical signals on highly oriented bacteriorhodopsin Langmuir-Blodgett films
Pages  413 -  426
Helge Lemmetyinen, Marjo Ikonen
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6 Interactions of molecular photochemistry and colloid chemistry in surfactant systems
Pages  427 -  443
Thomas Wolff
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7 Photocatalysts based on powdered semiconductor materials
Pages  445 -  465
J. A. Navio, C. Cerrillos, G. Colón
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8 Photocatalytic degradation of the pesticides asulam and diazinon in TiO2 aqueous suspensions
Pages  467 -  479
D. Mas, T. Hisanaga, K. Tanaka, P. Pichat
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9 Photosensitizers covalently bound to insoluble polymers. Chemical, photochemical and photophysical properties
Pages  481 -  487
J. L. Bourdelande, J. Font
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10 Aqueous photochemistry of the chlorophenols
Pages  489 -  502
Anne P. Y. Durand, Robert G. Brown
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11 Towards an understanding of the photoyellowing of pulps and papers
Pages  503 -  520
Ingegerd Forsskåhl
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12 Time-resolved and time-gated fluorescence measurements in photobiology
Pages  521 -  529
Herbert Schneckenburger
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13 Organic syntheses by semiconductor photocatalytic reaction
Pages  531 -  539
Bunsho Ohtani
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14 Helium-Neon laser activation of mitochondrial biogenesis
Pages  541 -  548
Ersilia Marra, Elda Perlino, Rosa Anna Vacca, Margerita Greco
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15 Energy and state selective electronic relaxation of anthracene derivatives and their van der Waals complexes - an attempt to link dynamics in gas phase and solution
Pages  549 -  579
Satoshi Hirayama, Fujio Tanaka, Kosuke Shobatake
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16 Optically detected electron spin resonance in the study of the phosphorescent triplet state of biomolecules
Pages  581 -  632
Allan Masumi Nishimura
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17 Heterogeneous photocatalysis : Concepts, reaction mechanisms and potential applications in environmental problems
Pages  633 -  642
J.-M. Herrmann
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18 High-intesity ultraviolet laser probing of nucleic acids
Pages  643 -  663
Dimitri Angelov, Maurice Berger, Jean Cadet, Christian Marion, Annick Spassky
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