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Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology   Volumes
Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology
Volume 1
Published in 1990
Table of Contents
1 Potassium borohydride removes the monomeric bacteriochlorophyll and the carotenoid from reaction centers of Rhodobacter sphaeroides wild type strain 2.4.1
Pages  1 -  4
Harry A. Frank
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2 Pigments and photoprotection in smut fungi in the genus Ustilago
Pages  5 -  12
Oscar H. Will III, Clark A. Scovel, Shari S. Bultje, Debra A. Simonsen, Beth D. Leuzinger
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3 Photochemistry of photosensitizing drugs
Pages  13 -  23
Douglas E. Moore
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4 Photosensory transduction in the slime mold Physarum polycephalum
Pages  25 -  29
Tetsuo Ueda
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5 Action spectrum for the induction of pyrimidine dimers in DNA of UV - irradiated human skin: Variations detected in individuals of different skin types
Pages  31 -  38
Steven E. Freeman, Ronald D. Ley
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6 Photochemical probing of DNA complexes
Pages  39 -  47
Peter E. Nielsen, Cĺaus Jeppesen
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7 Antineoplastic and virucidal effects of merocyanine 540
Pages  49 -  59
Orla M. Smith, Fritz Sieber
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8 Light, cyanobacteria and red algae
Pages  61 -  66
Robert MacColl
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9 Photochemical transformations of phototoxic compounds. Novel photoreactivity of griseofulvin
Pages  67 -  73
Gary A. Epling, Anil Kumar, Bo Song
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10 Fluorescence and photosensitizing effects of, aluminiumphthalocyanine tetrasulfonate in cells
Pages  75 -  79
Johan Moan, Andre Western
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11 Photosensitized pyrimidine dimer splitting in covalently linked dimer-indole systems
Pages  81 -  87
Sang-Tae Kim, Tish Young, M. Scott Goodman, Christopher Forrest, Rosemarie F. Hartman, Seth D. Rose
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12 Study of subcellular photobiological events in single living cells by microspectrofluorometric techniques
Pages  89 -  94
R. Santus, P. Morliere, E. Kohen, M. Bazin, C. Kohen, L. Dubertret
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13 Ozone depletion and some of its biological consequences
Pages  95 -  106
Johan Moan, Arne Dahlback, Soren Larsen, Thormod Henriksen
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14 Photochemical alterations of cytosine account for most biological effects of ultraviolet radiation
Pages  107 -  119
David L. Mitchell, James E. Cleaver
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15 Survival and repair of DNA damages in nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome cells following exposure to simulated sunlight
Pages  121 -  126
Barry S. Rosenstein, Rebecca B. Rosenstein
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16 Some new aspects of the biological activity of psoralens
Pages  127 -  134
Franco Bordin
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17 Time-dose reciprocity of photocarcinogenesis in SK-1 hairless mice irradiated with solar-simulating radiation (290-400 mm)
Pages  135 -  147
Julian M. Menter, Amir A. Etemadi, Issac Willis
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18 Photosensitization as a model for reactive oxygen effects in ischemia-reperfusion injury of the heart
Pages  149 -  160
Dennis Paul Valenzeno, Merrill Tarr
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19 Coupling of the photosynthetic light reactions to the biological clock
Pages  161 -  167
Thomas A. Lonergan
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20 Site-specific photooxidation of carbohydrate in the presence of transition-metals
Pages  169 -  179
Koji Araki
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21 Localization and photosensitization of neoplastic disease
Pages  181 -  183
David Kessel
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22 Fluorescence lifetime distribution of intrinsic and extrinsic fluorophores in proteins and model compounds
Pages  185 -  192
Ettore Bismuto, Gaetano Irace
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23 Photochemical modifications of a regulatory protein: The LAC repressor of E. coli
Pages  193 -  205
Mélanie Spodheim-Maurizot, Michel Charlier
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24 Excimer laser surgery of the eye: Photobiological aspects
Pages  207 -  214
K. Winckler, T. Bende, T. Seiler
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25 Monofunctional psoralen derivatives: DNA binding and photochemotherapeutic potential
Pages  215 -  225
Manlio Palumbo, Sebastiano Marciani Magno
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26 Photosensitized damage to cell membrane by furocoumarins
Pages  227 -  242
Francesco Dall’Acqua, Daniela Vedaldi, Sergio Caffieri
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27 Zero field absorption detected magnetic resonance of the photosynthetic reaction center in Rhodopseudomonas viridis and Rhodobacter sphaeroides R26 at temperatures between 4.2 and 240 K
Pages  243 -  258
J. Ullrich, A. Angerhofer, J. U. Von Schütz, H. C. Wolf
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28 Protection by ß-carotene against photochemical damage and singlet state oxygen
Pages  259 -  264
Eunice Rousseau, Allan Davison, Bruce Dunn
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29 Photocatalytic degradation of contaminants
Pages  265 -  279
Xavier Domènech
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30 Photosensitized damage induced by several drugs
Pages  281 -  287
M. J. Hazen, A. Villanueva, M. L. Molero, M. Canete, R. Armas-Portela
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31 QB Analogs as inhibitors of photosystem II electron transport in plant chloroplasts
Pages  289 -  297
Kerry K. Karukstis
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32 Photomutagenic effects of psoralens in bacteria
Pages  299 -  310
Jacques Piette
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33 Molecular mechanism of light signal perception in plants and fungi
Pages  311 -  319
Kohji Hasunuma
Abstract | Buy this article 
34 Fluorescence characteristics of some sulfonated phthalocyanines in cells and tumors
Pages  321 -  327
Helle Anholt, Johan Moan
Abstract | Buy this article 
35 Influence of membrane rigidity, temperature and salt concentration on the electron transfer process in photosynthetic reaction centers
Pages  329 -  340
Pierre Sebban
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36 Increase in damaged-DNA binding and repair in human UV resistance
Pages  341 -  351
Chuck C.-K. Chao
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