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Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology   Volumes
Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology
Volume 5
Special Issue - Special Issue
Theme/Focus: Photosensitive systems for photopolymerization reactions
Volume Editor(s): J. P. Fouassier
Published in 1999
Table of Contents
1 A short introduction to photosensitive systems for polymerization reactions
Pages  1 -  5
J. P. Fouassier
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2 New trends and developments in the photochemistry and photoinduced polymerisation activity of thioxanthone initiators
Pages  7 -  16
C. Peinado, A. Green, F. Catalina, M. Edge, N. S. Allen
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3 Picosecond spectroscopy of thioxanthone derivatives. An excited state dynamics study
Pages  17 -  31
C. Ley, F. Morlet-Savary, G. Fer, J. P. Fouassier, N. G. Salleh, N. S. Allen, P. Jacques
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4 Recent developments in free radical polymeric photoinitiators
Pages  33 -  50
Carlo Carlini, Luigi Angiolini
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5 Camphorquinone/amine photoinitiating system for photocuring
Pages  51 -  61
A. Sionkowska, A. Wrzyszczynski, E. Andrzejewska, J. Jakubiak, J. Nie, J. Paczkowski, J. P. Fouassier, Jan F. Rabek, L-Ǻ. Lindén
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6 Nanosecond laser spectroscopy of photosensitive systems for polymerisation reactions
Pages  63 -  77
D. Burget, J. P. Fouassier, V. Lemee
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7 Dyeing photoinitiators. Electron transfer processes in photoinitiating systems
Pages  79 -  91
Andrzej Wrzyszczyński, Franciszek Ścigalski, Jerzy Pączkowski, Zdzislaw Kucybala
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8 Time resolved photoconductivity: monitoring ion formation to improve the knowledge of photoinitiating systems
Pages  93 -  102
C. Ley, J. P. Fouassier, P. Jacques, R. Gaume, X. Allonas
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9 Visible-light polymerisation photoinitiators based on xanthene dyes. The search for enhanced efficiency
Pages  103 -  116
F. Amat-Guerri, R. Mallavia, R. Sastre
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10 Photochemistry of lipophilic iodonium salts
Pages  117 -  138
Uwe Mϋller
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11 Recent aspects in the sensitized decomposition of cationic photoinitiators
Pages  139 -  148
Gurkan Hizal, Yusuf Yagci
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12 Photochemistry and photopolymerization of maleimides
Pages  149 -  167
Charles E. Hoyle, Chris W. Miller, E. Sonny Jönsson
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13 Photoacid and photobase generation in photoresists
Pages  169 -  185
Kanji Suyama, Masahiro Tsunooka, Masamitsu Shirai
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14 New vinyl ether monomers, hybrid type vinyl monomers, and vinyl oligomers for UV curing systems
Pages  187 -  201
Atsushi Kameyama
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