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Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology   Volumes
Trends in Photochemistry & Photobiology
Volume 9
Published in 2002
Table of Contents
1 Covalent photosensitizer conjugates for targeted photodynamic therapy
Pages  1 -  24
Michael R. Hamblin
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2 Naphthalene endoperoxide as a source of [ 18 O]-labeled singlet oxygen for oxidative DNA damage studies
Pages  25 -  39
G. R. Martinez, J-L. Ravanat, J. Cadet, M. H. G. Medeiros, P. Di Mascio
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3 UVB-induced cataract mechanisms: from calcium elevation to calcium signalling
Pages  41 -  53
Kenneth R. Hightower
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4 Influence on photostability by intramolecular energy transfer in multi-chromophoric dyes
Pages  55 -  73
He Tian, Songjie Yang
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5 Photodynamic therapy using 5-aminolevulinic acid for Barrett’s oesophagus
Pages  75 -  85
H. W. Tilanus, I. A. Boere, J. van den Boogert, R. van Hillegersberg, R. W. F. de Bruin
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6 Effects of humic substances in photoinduced heterogeneous redox transformations of pollutants in aquatic systems
Pages  87 -  96
Elena Selli
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7 Antioxidants as inhibitors and amplifiers of photobiological effects sensitized by psoralens and porphyrin-type molecules in vitro and in vivo
Pages  97 -  105
Alexander Potapenko, Francois Guillemin, Lina Bezdetnaya
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8 Application of photoacoustic methods to study alternative photosystem I-dependent electron transport routes
Pages  107 -  121
Nikolai Bukhov, Robert Carpentier
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9 An overview of night-time atmospheric loss process for a series of aldehydes via nitrate radical reactions
Pages  123 -  140
B. Cabanas, E. Martinez, M. T. Baeza, P. Martin, S. Salgado
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10 Suppression of hematogenous spread using photodynamic therapy (PDT)
Pages  141 -  175
Frank Fischer, Walter J. Lorenz, Wolfgang Maier-Borst
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11 The reciprocity rule in photobiology - a review
Mini Review
Pages  177 -  183
Andreas Schindl, Barbara Rosado-Schlosser, Franz Trautinger, Gabriele Klosner, Helga Merwald
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