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Trends in Physical Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Physical Chemistry
Volume 1
Published in 1990
Table of Contents
1 The NMR study of charge-density distribution of 5, 12-bis (phenylethynyl) naphthacene dianion
Pages  1 -  6
Masatoshi Hirayama, Masaaki Kobayashi
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2 Reactivity of alcohols towards the chlorine atom in carbon tetrachloride
Pages  7 -  13
Takashi Sumiyoshi, Meiseki Katayama
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3 Chemical significance of conformation-controlled π, σ orbital interactions: Stereoelectronic effects in thermal and photochemical ring-splitting reactions of diarylcyclobutanes
Pages  15 -  31
Chyongjin PAC
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4 Experimental and theoretical study on low temperature adsorptions of hydrogen and methane on magnesium oxide surfaces
Pages  33 -  44
Tomoyasu Ito, Hisayoshi Kobayashi
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5 Structure of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes
Pages  45 -  57
Kazuaki Harata
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6 Electrochemical properties of conducting polymers deposited at electroactive polymer films
Pages  59 -  77
Kenji Murao
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7 Magnetic field effects on the dynamics of chain-liked biradicals
Pages  79 -  87
Yoshifumi Tanimoto
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8 Conformation of n-alkyloligo(oxyethylene) surfactants in the solid state as studied by Raman spectroscopy
Pages  89 -  109
Hiroatsu Matsuura
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9 Oil production from sewage sludge by direct thermochemical liquefaction
Pages  111 -  120
Shin-ya Yokoyama, Akira Suzuki
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10 Electric excitation in an artificial lipid membrane
Pages  121 -  132
Satoru Iiyama, Kiyoshi Toko, Kaoru Yamafuji
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11 Characterization of ZSM-5 type zeolites containing alkaline earth metals
Pages  133 -  144
T. Sano, H. Okado, H. Takaya
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12 Spectroscopic properties, electronic states, and stabilities of copper (II) complexes with quadridentate L-prolinamide derivatives
Pages  145 -  153
Tasuku Murakami
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13 High pressure studies of the physicochemical properties of micellar systems determined by spectroscopic probe techniques
Pages  155 -  165
Kimihiko Hara
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14 Experimental study in a jet-stirred flow reactor and kinetic modeling of hydrocarbons combustion
Pages  167 -  178
M. Cathonnet, P. Dagaut, A. Chakir, J. C. Boettner
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15 Applications of optical waveguide techniques to surface monitoring
Pages  179 -  187
Kiminori Itoh, Masayuki Murabayashi
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