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Trends in Physical Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Physical Chemistry
Volume 2
Published in 1991
Table of Contents
1 Synthesis of solid superacids by metal oxides and their catalytic action
Pages  1 -  24
Kazushi Arata
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2 The secondary transition of the benzene chromophore as a probe to study intramolecular interactions
Pages  25 -  38
Bernard Vidal
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3 Electron spin resonance study on solid state radicals induced by plasma irradiation
Pages  39 -  63
Masayuki Kuzuya
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4 Pulse reaction technique as a method for determining the rate constant of surface reaction
Pages  65 -  78
Toshiaki Mori
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5 Advances in electron paramagnetic resonance imaging
Pages  79 -  97
Keiichi Ohno, Nobuaki Tsuchihashi
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6 Infrared emission spectroscopy of high-temperature molecules
Pages  99 -  113
Hiromichi Uehara
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7 Recent advances in the understanding of zeolite acidity
Pages  115 -  124
Raymond J. Gorte
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8 Mechanism of oxygen absorption by zirconium
Pages  125 -  151
Masahiro Yamamoto, Shizuo Naito, Yutaka Maeno, Mahito Mabuchi, Tomoyasu Hashino
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9 Structure and reactivity of biomimetic systems for electron transfer reactions
Pages  153 -  183
Basilio Pispisa, Antonio Palleschi, Mariano Venanzi
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10 Nonlinear Photochemistry
Pages  185 -  197
Joseph J. BelBruno
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11 The photophysical and photochemical reactivity of biphenyl, phenylpyridines and bipyridines derivatives as probed by time-resolved resonance Raman scattering
Pages  199 -  219
O. Poizat, N. Locoge-Karbowski, G. Buntinx
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12 Roles of potential energy and kinetic energy of electrons in conjugation and aromaticity
Pages  221 -  231
Hiroshi Ichikawa
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13 Twist of "TICT" molecules in the ground state by hydrogen bonding
Pages  233 -  258
C. Cazeau-Dubroca
Abstract | Buy this article 
14 Thermodynamic behavior of fluids in the near-critical region
Pages  259 -  276
Ramon G. Rubio
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15 Activity for selected hydrotreating reactions related to the presence of anionic vacancies on supported MoSx - based catalysts. Influence on mechanisms
Pages  277 -  287
R. Hubaut, J. P. Bonnelle, J. Grimblot
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16 Supramolecular architecture of soluble phthalocyanine assemblies directed toward microelectronic devices
Pages  289 -  303
Michiya Fujiki
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17 Use of probe molecules for the characterization of the surface basicity of divided metal oxides
Pages  305 -  326
J. C. Lavalley
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