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Trends in Physical Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Physical Chemistry
Volume 22
Published in 2022
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 Scattering by atoms in zero-point states: from Debye and Waller to present days
Pages  1 -  15
Erik B. Karlsson
Abstract | PDF
2 On the photophysics of polyene compounds
Mini Review
Pages  17 -  23
Javier Catalán
Abstract | Buy this article 
3 Elucidation of preferential positioning of a quantum particle in a one-dimensional asymmetric square double well potential
Original Article
Pages  25 -  38
Chwen-Yang Shew, Hannah Bruschi
Abstract | Buy this article 
4 β-Cyclodextrin-modulated interaction of Gd3+ with levofloxacin: a molecular modeling study
Original Article
Pages  39 -  49
Nikoleta Kircheva, Valya Nikolova, Stefan Dobrev, Silvia Angelova, Todor Dudev
Abstract | Buy this article 
5 Electrokinetic flow and electric conduction of a salt-free solution in a charged slit
Original Article
Pages  51 -  63
Yong J. Lin, Huan J. Keh
Abstract | PDF
6 Computational study of the homopolar dihydrogen interactions
Original Article
Pages  65 -  73
Melek Hajji
Abstract | Buy this article 
7 First-principles molecular dynamics simulation of liquid indium
Original Article
Pages  75 -  81
Yu. D. Fomin
Abstract | Buy this article 
8 Solubility studies of amlodipine besylate in ethylene glycol + 1-propanol mixtures at different temperatures
Original Article
Pages  83 -  93
Homa Rezaei, Kader Poturcu, Elaheh Rahimpour, Hongkun Zhao, Abolghasem Jouyban
Abstract | Buy this article 
9 Kinetic law leading to a hyperbolic growth rate for protein crystals
Original Article
Pages  95 -  100
Douglas A. Barlow, James K. Baird
Abstract | PDF
10 Survival probability of unstable quantum systems under the action of a time-dependent external field
Original Article
Pages  101 -  112
Mikhail L. Strekalov
Abstract | Buy this article 


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