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Trends in Physical Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Physical Chemistry
Volume 3
Published in 1992
Table of Contents
1 High pressure in modern physical chemistry
Pages  1 -  6
H. G. Drickamer
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2 External field effects for chemical reaction
Pages  7 -  15
Akitomo Tachibana, Susumu Kawauchi, Masaya Yamato
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3 NMR investigation of hydrogen adsorption on metal catalysts supported on reducible oxides
Pages  17 -  29
J. Sanz, J. P. Belzunegui, J. M. Rojo
Abstract | Buy this article 
4 Spectroscopic properties of isomerizable cyanine dyes
Pages  31 -  47
J. O. Tocho, R. Duchowicz, L. Scaffardi, G. M. Bilmes, R. Di Paolo, M. Murphy
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5 The role of peroxidic intermediates during autoxidation of some interesting organic compounds: Luminol chemiluminescence and monooxygenation by flavin enzymes
Pages  49 -  59
Gábor Merényi, Johan Lind
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6 Microemulsions in a bile salt system
Pages  61 -  80
Hironobu Kunieda, Kazuyoshi Nakamura
Abstract | Buy this article 
7 A theoretical approach to ion-molecule interactions in the gas-phase
Pages  81 -  105
O. Mό, M. Yáñez
Abstract | Buy this article 
8 Nighttime tropospheric chemistry: Kinetics and mechanisms of reactions of the NO3 radical with volatile organic compounds
Pages  107 -  128
J. Hjorth
Abstract | Buy this article 
9 Proton polarizability and proton transfer processes in hydrogen bonds and cation polarizabilities of other cation bonds-their importance to understand molecular processes in electrochemistry and biology
Pages  129 -  156
Georg Zundel
Abstract | Buy this article 
10 Interfacial charge transfer in organized media
Pages  157 -  173
S. Hautecloque, D. Grand, A. Bernas
Abstract | Buy this article 
11 Chemical applications of local density functional theory
Pages  175 -  190
Peter Politzer, Jorge M. Seminario
Abstract | Buy this article 
12 Photochemical kinetics and polymer dynamics: applications to anthracene in thin films
Pages  191 -  198
James R. Sheats
Abstract | Buy this article 
13 Surface and colloid chemistry of aqueous amphipathic crown compound solutions
Pages  199 -  226
Sumio Ozeki
Abstract | Buy this article 
14 Spectroscopic study structure of organic monolayers on metals and semiconductors
Pages  227 -  243
Jerzy A. Mielczarski
Abstract | Buy this article 
15 Flash photolysis study for reversible addition reactions of thiyl radicals with olefins and acetylenes
Pages  245 -  266
Osamu Ito
Abstract | Buy this article 
16 Fluorescence lifetimes in conformers of jet cooled tryptophan derivatives
Pages  267 -  280
Mark Sulkes, Steven Arnold, Jeffrey Sipior, Chin Khuan Teh
Abstract | Buy this article 
17 Characterization of microporous carbonaceous materials
Pages  281 -  297
R. Madey, M. Jaroniec
Abstract | Buy this article 
18 Static and transient small angle neutron and X-ray scattering measurements on micellar systems
Pages  299 -  325
J. Kalus, U. Schmelzer
Abstract | Buy this article 
19 AB-initio studies of silica surface hydroxyls and of their interaction with small molecules
Pages  327 -  346
E. Garrone, P. Ugliengo, A. M. Ferrari
Abstract | Buy this article 
20 Siting, bonding and clustering of exchangeable cations in zeolites
Pages  347 -  359
Robert A. Schoonheydt
Abstract | Buy this article 


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