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Trends in Physical Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Physical Chemistry
Volume 4
Published in 1994
Table of Contents
1 Thermodynamics of surfactant solutions and hydrophobic effect
Pages  1 -  14
Emilia Fisicaro, Ezio Pelizzetti
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2 Organized surfactant assemblies dynamics and thermodynamics
Pages  15 -  27
Camillo La Mesa, Luigi Coppola, Lionello Pogliani, Giuseppe A. Ranieri, Mario Terenzi, Bianca Sesta
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3 Liquid-phase hydrogenation of crotonaldehyde with silver-manganese mixed oxide catalysts
Pages  29 -  48
Yoshinori Nagase
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4 Collisional effects in the IR multiphoton absorption and decomposition processes
Pages  49 -  59
Juan C. Ferrero
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5 Composition, structure, and properties of AIN and AIN: H thin films formed by ion beam deposition
Pages  61 -  68
Ursula Mazur, K. W. Hipps
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6 Lipid & biopolymer monolayers at liquid interfaces
(A membrane model system)

Pages  69 -  89
K. S. Birdi
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7 Squaraine chemistry. Effects of structural changes on the photophysics of symmetrical and pseudo unsymmetrical squaraines
Pages  91 -  99
Kock-Yee Law
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8 The effect of pressure on the thermophysical properties of simple molecular fluids
Pages  101 -  115
A. Crespo Colίn, A. Compostizo, S. M. Cancho, R. G. Rubio, M. Diaz Peña
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9 Spectroscopic characterization of perfluorinated compounds
Pages  117 -  135
Giacomo Martini, Sandra Ristori
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10 Application of Ab-initio quantum mechanical calculations to assign matrix-isolation IR spectra of oxopyrimidines
Pages  137 -  168
Maciej J. Nowak, Andrzej Les, Ludwik Adamowicz
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11 Effects of conformation and coordination to zinc (II) ions on the excited states of 2,2’- bipyridine and methyl-substituted 2,2’- bipyridines
Pages  169 -  180
Mikio Yagi, Kazumasa Takemura
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12 Application of high resolution carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance to heterogeneous macromolecular solids
Pages  181 -  201
P. Tekely
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13 Luminescence decay curve in the presence of intermolecular interaction
Pages  203 -  218
Shoji Taen
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14 Electron donor acceptor approach to bonds and catalysis
Pages  219 -  241
Reiko Notoya
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15 Solvation isomerism in jet cooled complexes
Pages  243 -  272
A. Zehnacker, F. Lahmani, F. Piuzzi
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16 Time-resolved infrared diode laser study on reaction kinetics and dynamics
Pages  273 -  292
Ko-ichi Sugawara
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17 Mechanistic aspects of some electrode reactions
Pages  293 -  315
Jaime González Velasco
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18 Understanding the interaction of a rare earth promotor with transition metal catalysts through catalytic activity and spectroscopic investigations: I) Effect of the calcination temperature
Pages  317 -  348
F. Le Normand, M. Romeo, L. Hilaire
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19 Polyoxoanion as potential model for solid oxide surface and its application to oxidation catalyst
Pages  349 -  362
Noritaka Mizuno
Abstract | Buy this article 
20 In situ laser Raman studies of supported oxometallates in their oxidic, reduced and sulphided states
Pages  363 -  384
E. Payen, S. Kasztelan
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