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Trends in Physical Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Physical Chemistry
Volume 6
Published in 1997
Table of Contents
1 Insights into the kinetics and mechanisms of dyeing
Pages  1 -  12
J. Justin Gooding, Richard G. Compton
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2 The structures of CH3NH3+, HCOO, CH3COO, OH and CH3O in aqueous solution
Pages  13 -  29
Masao Masamura
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3 Growth process of worm-like micelles: an emerging complex behaviour
Pages  31 -  53
Francesco Aliotta
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4 Nodal-plane model in excited-state intramolecular proton transfer
Pages  55 -  87
Shin-ichi Nagaoka, Umpei Nagashima
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5 Polymer dynamics and rheology in aqueous solutions and gels of a poloxamer
Pages  89 -  106
Harald Walderhaug, Bo Nyström
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6 Photocarrier generation mechanisms in layered organic photoreceptors incorporating azo pigments
Pages  107 -  131
Minoru Umeda
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7 Simulation, spectroscopy and structure of jet-cooled polar aromatic clusters: a molecular view of solvation interactions
Pages  133 -  151
Peter M. Andrews, Brian A. Pryor, Phillip M. Palmer, Mitchell B. Berger, Michael R. Topp
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8 Radicals in biophysical systems - a theoretical perspective
Pages  153 -  170
Leif A. Eriksson, Fahmi Himo
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9 Donor-donor energy migration (DDEM) - a new method for examining structure-function of proteins
Pages  171 -  185
Jan Karolin, Lennart B.-Ǻ. Johansson
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10 Effect of counterion on properties of amphiphiles
Pages  187 -  195
Yoshikiyo Moroi
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11 Thermodynamics of mobile order theory
Pages  197 -  233
William E. Acree Jr., Joyce R. Powell, Mary E. R. McHale, Siddharth Pandey, Tammie L. Borders, Scott W. Campbell
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12 Ab initio molecular orbital studies of reaction mechanisms and role of cocatalysis of ZiegIer-Natta polymerization
Pages  235 -  252
Shogo Sakai
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13 Self-association patterns of surfactants and relevant compounds as revealed by frontal gel filtration chromatography
Pages  253 -  267
Noriaki Funasaki, Sakae Hada, Saburo Neya
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14 Raman spectroscopic study on the structure of water in aqueous solutions
Pages  269 -  278
Yasushi Maeda, Hiromi Kitano
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15 Dynamics of the charge, proton, hydrogen and energy transfer reactions: ab-initio MO and trajectory approaches
Pages  279 -  313
Hiroto Tachikawa
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16 Ab initio calculations of spectroscopy and dynamics of polyatomic molecules
Pages  315 -  341
A. M. Mebel, M. Hayashi, S. H. Lin
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17 Symmetry properties of a thermodynamic diagram
Short Note
Pages  343 -  349
Lionello Pogliani, Luigi Coppola, Giuseppe Ranieri, Mario Terenzi
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