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Trends in Physical Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Physical Chemistry
Volume 9
Published in 2003
Table of Contents
1 Multinuclear NMR study of the structural and dynamical properties of aqueous dispersions of charged anisotropic colloids
Pages  1 -  21
A. Delville, P. Porion
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2 Theoretical prediction of ionisation properties of proteins
Pages  23 -  49
Andrey Karshikoff, Assen Koumanov
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3 Solvent effects in kinetics of organic reactions described as the concerted single electron shift and bond interchange
Pages  51 -  68
Jan S. Jaworski
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4 Two pathways of the time parameter characteristic for the perturbation problem in quantum chemistry
Pages  69 -  101
S. Olszewski
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5 Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and its applications
Pages  103 -  117
Adam Wójciak, Beata Jasiewicz, Ewa Sikorska, Igor V. Khmelinskii, Jose L.Bourdelande, Marek Sikorski
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6 Usual theoretical methods applied to study cyclodextrins and their complexes
Pages  119 -  128
Dora J. Barbiric, Eduardo A. Castro
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7 Thermochemical and computational study of thianes
Pages  129 -  139
Eusebio Juaristi, Rafael Notario, Pilar Jiménez, María Victoria Roux
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8 Tautomerism by hydrogen transfer: the case of photochromic and thermochromic Schiff-bases
Pages  141 -  149
Eugene Hadjoudis, Irene M. Mavridis
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9 The reactivity of naturally emitted sulphur compounds with chlorine atoms
Pages  151 -  161
Alfonso Aranda, Ana Rodríguez, Diana Rodríguez, Ernesto Martínez, Yolanda Díaz de Mera
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10 Intermicellar exchange in the formation of nanoparticles in microemulsions
Pages  163 -  171
C. Tojo, M.A. Lopez-Quintela, M.C. Blanco
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11 AB initio molecular structure and vibrational spectra of ionic liquids
Pages  173 -  177
Vincent J. Storhaug, W. Robert Carper
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