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Trends in Physical Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Physical Chemistry
Volume 21
Published in 2021
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 Gas-phase kinetics of OH-reactions with H2CO, CH3OH, and CH3CH2OH at very low temperatures: Astrophysical implications
Pages  1 -  18
A. J. Ocaña, B. Ballesteros, J. Albaladejo, E. Jiménez
Abstract | PDF
2 Thermal stability experiments on surfactants issued from pectin for use as binders in bitumen
Original Article
Pages  19 -  27
Damien Milliasseau, Jelena Jeftić, Freddy Pessel, Daniel Plusquellec, Thierry Benvegnu
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3 Structural characterization of mold fluxes quenched from 1300ºC, by Raman spectroscopy technique
Original Article
Pages  29 -  39
Edgardo Benavidez, Leandro Santini, Elena Brandaleze
Abstract | Buy this article 
4 Indirect nuclear spin-spin coupling constants and chemical shifts in norbornene-derivatives bearing boronic acid pinacol ester group
Original Article
Pages  41 -  54
M. N. C. Zarycz, P. F. Provasi, M. M. Vallejos, S. P. A. Sauer
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5 Assessment of the initial stage of water filtration through polystyrene foam and zeolite
Short Communication
Pages  55 -  60
Dmytro Charnyi, Yuri Onanko, Irena Snikhovska, Serhii Shevchuk, Serhii Marysyk, Oleksander Puhach, Yuri Zabulonov, Volodymyr Krasnoholovets
Abstract | Buy this article 
6 Two-channel field-induced dynamics of an ammonia-like molecule
Original Article
Pages  61 -  75
Theodosios Geo Douvropoulos
Abstract | Buy this article 
7 Concepts and errors in models for the mechanism of the Fenton reaction
Short Communication
Pages  77 -  79
Mordechai L. Kremer
Abstract | PDF
8 Cathodoluminescence of zinc oxide crystals grown from melt under high pressure in the presence of ytterbium oxide
Original Article
Pages  81 -  86
A. N. Baranov, M. V. Shestakov, M. V. Chukichev, V. A. Tafeenko, V. A. Mukhanov, V. L. Solozhenko
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9 Correlated ground and excited state calculations using distributed off-axis basis sets of Gaussian s-type functions
Original Article
Pages  87 -  95
V. N. Glushkov
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10 Structural characterization of crystalline ceria/fumed silica nanocomposites
Original Article
Pages  97 -  105
Olena I. Oranska, Yurii I. Gornikov, Victoriia V. Paientko, Nikita A. Liedienov, Veniamin V. Fomenko, Aleksey V. Pashchenko, Georgiy G. Levchenko, Volodymyr M. Gun’ko
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11 Functional properties of nanocomposites based on polyaniline
Pages  107 -  124
M. Federica De Riccardis, Marilena Re
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