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Current Trends in Polymer Science   Volumes
Current Trends in Polymer Science
Volume 13
Published in 2009
Table of Contents
1 Preparation and life science applications of polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles
Pages  1 -  10
M. Müller, V. Starchenko, N. Lebovka, W. Ouyang, B. Keßler
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2 Magnetization effect on Young’s modulus of polyurethane elastomers containing ferrite
Original Communication
Pages  11 -  16
Tetsu Mitsumata, Tetsuro Kuribayashi, Takahiko Okazaki
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3 Preparation and characterization of a solid polymeric electrolyte of PEO-ENR(70-30)-LiClO4
Original Communication
Pages  17 -  23
A. Ahmad, Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman, S. A. M. Noor
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4 Effect of the degree of substitution of the diallyl sucrose on the reactivity and physical and mechanical properties of the polymers obtained by the Thiol-Ene photopolymerization mechanism
Original Communication
Pages  25 -  36
Aida E. Garcia Valdéz, Ricardo Acosta Ortiz, Marty Georgina Martinez Aguila, Maria Lydia Berlanga Duarte
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5 A review of the methods of magnetic nanocomposites synthesis and their applications as drug delivery systems and immobilization supports for lipases
Pages  37 -  67
V. L. Lassalle, M. Avena, M. L. Ferreira
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6 Relaxations of rubbing induced birefringence in glassy polymers
Pages  69 -  99
Z. Yang
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7 Spatial distribution of active Ti species on morphology controlled Mg(OEt)2-based Ziegler-Natta catalyst
Original Communication
Pages  101 -  106
Yuichi Hiraoka, Ali Dashti, Sang Yull Kim, Toshiaki Taniike, Minoru Terano
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8 Alicyclic polyimides with polyalicyclic structure - A colorless and high-temperature polymer for flexible plastic substrate
Original Communication
Pages  107 -  114
Toshihiko Matsumoto
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9 Synthesis of a rigid aromatic macrocycle via one-step [1+1] cyclization
Short Communication
Pages  115 -  118
Guodong Dang, Toshihiko Matsumoto, Chunhai Chen, Zhenhua Jiang
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