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Current Trends in Polymer Science   Volumes
Current Trends in Polymer Science
Volume 15
Published in 2011
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 A search for new radical sources in photoinitiating systems
Original Communication
Pages  1 -  13
Mohamad El-Roz, Jacques Lalevée, Jean Pierre Fouassier
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2 Lactate dehydrogenase immobilized in electrospun poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofibers as biosensor for lactate
Original Communication
Pages  15 -  20
Iván Moreno, Virgilio González-González, Jorge Romero-García
Abstract | PDF
3 Multiple port and part thickness impact on wetout of high pull speed detached injection chamber pultrusion
Original Communication
Pages  21 -  36
A. L. Jeswani, J. A. Roux
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4 Porous polylactide particles regulated by phase separation
Original Communication
Pages  37 -  43
Takahiko Nakaoki, Tsunehiko Nakasugi
Abstract | PDF
5 Highly efficient method for synthesis of epoxy functional (poly)siloxanes
Original Communication
Pages  45 -  54
Hieronim Maciejewski, Izabela Dąbek, Ryszard Fiedorow, Karol Szubert
Abstract | PDF
6 Molecular morphology formed by a phase separation process for poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)/o-dichlorobenzene with different valerate contents
Original Communication
Pages  55 -  62
Yuto Hoki, Takahiko Nakaoki
Abstract | PDF
7 Recent progress on the preparation processes of hollow polymer nano and microspheres
Pages  63 -  75
Shaowen Ji, Ilsoon Lee
Abstract | PDF
8 Poly(N-2-vinylpirrolidone) (PVP) Poly(vinylalcohol)(PVAl)/ laponite RD hydrogels nanocomposite membranes
Original Communication
Pages  77 -  81
M. J. A. Oliveira, D. F. Parra, V. S. Amato, A. B. Lugao
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9 Processing chitosan for tissue regeneration
Mini Review
Pages  83 -  88
Sundararajan V. Madihally
Abstract | PDF
10 Starch/polycaprolactone-containing composites reinforced with pre-treated sisal fibers
Original Communication
Pages  89 -  99
A. Campos, E. M. Teixeira, J. M. Marconcini, Bor-Sen Chiou, W. J. Orts, D. Wood, L. H. C. Mattoso, S. H. Imam
Abstract | PDF
11 Complex formation in copper chelate containing polyurethanes: Influence of fluorine
Original Communication
Pages  101 -  105
Nataly Kozak, Eugenia Lobko, Valerii Klepko
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