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Current Trends in Polymer Science   Volumes
Current Trends in Polymer Science
Volume 17
Published in 2016
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 Polymeric dental composites based on remineralizing amorphous calcium phosphate fillers
Pages  1 -  31
Drago Skrtic, Joseph M. Antonucci
Abstract | PDF
2 Biodegradable fibers spun from a blend of modified aliphatic-aromatic copolyester and thermoplastic starch
Original Communication
Pages  33 -  42
Bo Shi, Greg Wideman
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3 Physical network formation in Styren-free unsaturated polyester-clay nanocomposites prepared by melt mixing
Original Communication
Pages  43 -  49
Amir Masoud Rezadoust, Masoud Esfandeh, Mohammad Hosain Beheshty
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4 Stabilization of polypropylene reactor powder produced by Ziegler-Natta catalyst through passivation of initially formed radicals
Original Communication
Pages  51 -  57
Taira Tobita, Patchanee Chammingkwan, Toshiaki Taniike, Minoru Terano
Abstract | PDF
5 High-performance polypropylene-based copolymer containing a small amount of reactive functional group
Original Communication
Pages  59 -  69
Takeshi Nagai, Patchanee Chammingkwan, Minoru Terano, Toshiaki Taniike
Abstract | PDF
6 Photopolymerization kinetics of PMMA/organoclay nanocomposites
Original Communication
Pages  71 -  76
Silvano R. Valandro, Alessandra L. Poli, Miguel G. Neumann, Carla C. Schmitt
Abstract | PDF
7 A study on fiber-reinforced asphalt concrete (FRAC) mixtures using Dunnett’s test
Original Communication
Pages  77 -  84
Sayyed Mahdi Hejazi, Sayyed Mahdi Abtahi, Azam Alirezazadeh
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8 Preparation and characterization of ultrafine fibers made from pulps of cherry (Malpighia emarginata DC.) and Surinam cherry (Eugenia uniflora L.), and a polymeric matrix of Eudragit L100 using electrospinning technique
Original Communication
Pages  85 -  91
Lidiane Martins Mendes Gomes, Raquel Pires Gonçalves, Marcos Lopes Dias, Renata Valeriano Tonon, Anna Paola Trindade Rocha Pierucci, Kátia Gomes de Lima Araújo, Maria Helena Miguez da Rocha-Leão
Abstract | PDF


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