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Current Trends in Polymer Science   Volumes
Current Trends in Polymer Science
Volume 5
Published in 2000
Table of Contents
1 Intra-oral drug delivery systems for oral conditions
Pages  1 -  17
R.C. Williams, S. Kalachandra, S. Offenbacher
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2 Langmuir monolayers and Langmuir-Blodgett films of conducting polymers
Pages  19 -  39
A. Dhanabalan, L. H. C. Mattoso, O. N. Oliveira Jr.
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3 Biodegradable polymers: new poly(ester amide)s derived from α-amino acids
Pages  41 -  51
A. Rodriguez-Galan, J. Puiggali, N. Paredes
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4 Tussah silk fibroin from Antheraea pernyi silkworm: structural and conformational studies
Pages  53 -  62
Giuliano Freddi, Masuhiro Tsukada
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5 Syntheses of novel carbohydrate polymers via regio- and stereoselective cyclopolymerization of 1,2:5,6-dianhydrohexitols
Pages  63 -  77
Hisaho Hashimoto, Kazuaki Yokota, Toshifumi Satoh, Satoshi Umeda, Toyoji Kakuchi
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6 An experimental study of metallocene heterogeneization on inorganic and biopolimeric supports for olefin polymerization
Pages  79 -  90
A. Eberhardt, D. E. Damiani, J. H. Z. dos Santos, M. L. Ferreira, P. G. Belelli, V. C. Vaya
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7 Oxidative reaction and conformational studies on synthetic sequential polypeptides of mussel adhesive proteins
Mini Review
Pages  91 -  96
Akira Mochizuki, Hideki Tatehata, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Kousaku Ohkawa, Shuzo Yamashita, Toru Kawashima
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