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Current Trends in Polymer Science   Volumes
Current Trends in Polymer Science
Volume 9
Published in 2004
Table of Contents
1 Preparation and electric properties of carbon black/metal oxide gel nanocomposites
Pages  1 -  14
Norio Tsubokawa, Kazuhiro Fujiki
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2 Constructions of conjugated macromolecules from acetylenic building blocks : syntheses and properties of hyperbranched polyarylenes and polyynes
Pages  15 -  31
Ben Zhong Tang, Charles C.W. Law, Han Peng, Hongchen Dong, Jacky W.Y. Lam, Matthias Häußler, Ronghua Zheng
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3 Gradient structure of polymer materials
Pages  33 -  45
Dariusz M. Bielinski
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4 NMR Study of hydrogen bonding and protonation in acid-base complexation of polyketanils
Pages  47 -  54
Agnieszka Iwan, Danuta Sek, Janusz Kasperczyk
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5 Cationic photopolymerization of tetrahyrofuran : A comparative study of the effect of three triphenylsulfonium hexafluoroarsenate sensitizers
Pages  55 -  60
Maira R. Rodrigues, Miguel G. Neumann
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6 Evaluation of data on the kinetics of nonisothermal PTFE-and iPP-crystallization by using modified Nakamura-Ozawa equations
Original Communication
Pages  61 -  68
Markus Lambrigger
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7 Polymer dynamics interpreted in terms on Adam-Gibbs theory
Pages  69 -  79
D. Prevosto, L. Larini, M. Lucchesi, P.A. Rolla, S. Capaccioli
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8 Applications of conducting polymers in pharmaceutical and medicine
Pages  81 -  89
Ali Akbar Entezami, Bakhshali Massoumi
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9 Recent advances in polymer science and environment
Pages  91 -  98
Katsuhiko Takaya
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10 Technology of advanced immobilized single site catalysts
Pages  99 -  107
Dae Sik Hong, Hyun Yong Cho, Liqiang Cui, Naresh Hiralal Tarte, Seong Ihl Woo
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11 Chloroprene emulsion polymerization using C16 hemiester of maleic acid as surfactant
Original Communication
Pages  109 -  118
Alain Guyot, François Sauterez, Françoise Cochet
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