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Current Topics in Neurochemistry   Volumes
Current Topics in Neurochemistry
Volume 1
Published in 1997
Table of Contents
1 Regulation of brain metallothioneins
Pages  1 -  26
Juan Hidalgo, Bernardo Castellano, Iain L. Campbell
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2 Nerve growth factor-responsive, transcription-independent outgrowth of neurites in a clonal variant of PC12 cells (PC12D)
Pages  27 -  40
Mamoru Sano
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3 Brain tryptophan-related perturbations in hepatic encephalopathy: an update
Pages  41 -  58
Peter B. F. Bergqvist, Finn Bengtsson
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4 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: noninvasive neurochemistry for basic research and clinical applications
Pages  59 -  85
Juhana M. Hakumäki, Mika Ala-Korpela, Risto A. Kauppinen
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5 Neuroblastoma as an in vitro model system to study differentiative and apoptotic therapy
Pages  87 -  100
Mirco Ponzoni, Valeria Chiesa, Gabriella Pagnan, Lizzia Raffaghello, Paolo Giuseppe Montaldo
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6 Metabolic radiotherapy of neuroectodermal tumors: the lesson from in vitro experience
Pages  101 -  112
Paolo Giuseppe Montaldo, Lizzia Raffaghello, Mirco Ponzoni
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7 Intracerebral applications of MPP+: why so many different responses versus MPTP-treatment?
Pages  113 -  121
Santiago Ambrosio, Ana Espino, Blanca Cutillas, Monica Espejo, Ramon Bartrons
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8 The role of the immune system in central nervous system recovery: an evolutionary perspective
Pages  123 -  132
Michal Schwartz, Orly Lazarov-Spiegler
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9 Adaptive changes in GABA and NMDA receptors underlie ethanol dependence and ethanol-induced brain damage following chronic exposure and withdrawal
Pages  133 -  139
Peter Wilce, Alison Beckmann, Wenbin Chen, Mark Davidson, Philip Hardy, Brain Shanley
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10 Inhibitory glycine receptors in the brain
Pages  141 -  146
A. Christine Engblom, Karl E. O. Åkerman
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11 The cytokine network of Wallerian degeneration
Pages  147 -  156
Shlomo Rotshenker
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12 Neurofilaments in cytoskeletal function and motoneurone diseases
Pages  157 -  166
Roberto Pernas-Alonso, Carla Perrone Capano, Umberto di Porzio
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13 Neurochemical and phenotypic characteristics of isolated chromaffin cells as cellular implants for analgesia
Pages  167 -  184
Jacqueline Sagen, Anne L. Cahill, Biljana Pavlovic-Surjancev, John D. Ortega, Robert L. Perlman
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14 Dopamine self-regulation in the nigrostriatal system
Pages  185 -  194
M. Santiago, A. Machado, J. Cano
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15 The regulation of noradrenaline release by receptors and second messengers in the human neuroblastoma clone SH-SY5Y
Pages  195 -  209
Peter F. T. Vaughan, Chris Peers, John H. Walker
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16 Influence of nitric oxide on energy metabolism in the central nervous system
Pages  211 -  219
Angeles Almeida, Simon J. R. Heales, Juan P. Bolaños
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17 Autoreceptor modulation of glutamate exocytosis: a balance between facilitation and inhibition
Pages  221 -  229
José Sánchez-Prieto, Inmaculada Herrero, Alessandra Sistiaga, Elena Vázquez
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18 Neurone-endocrine cell relationships : update on molecular markers
Pages  231 -  241
Keith Langley, Nancy J. Grant
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19 Convulsant agents induce c-fos expression through different pathways in primary cultures of cortical neurons
Mini Review
Pages  243 -  250
Joseph M. Tusell, Sonia Barrón, Joan Serratosa
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20 Study of glutamate receptor functionality by fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS)
Mini Review
Pages  251 -  260
Francesc X. Sureda, Antonio Camins, Mercè Pallàs, Elena Escubedo, Jorge Camarasa
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