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Current Topics in Catalysis   Volumes
Current Topics in Catalysis
Volume 3
Published in 2002
Table of Contents
1 Synthesis and structure of Co-Mo sulfide model catalysts
Pages  1 -  13
Yasuaki Okamoto, Takeshi Kubota
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2 Biphasic catalysis with thermoregulated ligands
Pages  15 -  32
Zilin Jin, Yanhua Wang, Jingyang Jiang, Fei Wen
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3 The oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethene
Pages  33 -  80
H. X. Dai, C. T. Au
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4 Direct synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from methanol and carbon dioxide over solid oxide catalysts
Pages  81 -  101
Keiichi Tomishige
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5 Ligand effects on the application of substituted metallocene complexes in catalysis
Pages  103 -  125
Yanlong Qian, Jiling Huang, Muhammad D. Bala
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6 Classification of the effects of the addition of tetrachloromethane into the feedstream for the oxidative dehydrogenation and partial oxidation of alkanes over solid catalysts
Pages  127 -  137
Shigeru Sugiyama
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7 Heterogeneous asymmetric catalysis: mechanisms and applications
Pages  139 -  146
José Walkimar de M. Carneiro, Ceciliana da S. B. de Oliveira, Fábio B. Passos, Paulo Rogério N. de Souza, Donato A. G. Aranda, Ricardo Hernandez-Valdez, Marlito Gomes Jr., Luciano Puzer, Silvio José Sabino, O. A. C. Antunes
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8 Perovskites: a versatile material in heterogeneous catalysis
Pages  147 -  160
A. Kiennemann, C. Petit, A. C. Roger, V. Pitchon
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9 Determination of kinetic parameters of surface processes involving absorbed CO species on supported metal catalysts using FTIR spectroscopy
Pages  161 -  170
D. Bianchi
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10 Catalytic functionalization of naturally occurring monoterpenes
Pages  171 -  181
Elena V. Gusevskaya, Eduardo Nicolau dos Santos
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11 Novel oxide catalysts with high activities in oxidations
Pages  183 -  197
Xiangju Meng, Jianmin Sun, Kaifeng Lin, Dazhen Jiang, Feng-Shou Xiao
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12 Metalloporphyrins as efficient models of heme-enzymes in oxidation reactions
Pages  199 -  213
Fábio S. Vinhado, Patrícia R. Martins, Yassuko lamamoto
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13 Organometallic chemistry on oxides, zeolites and metals. Application to the synthesis of well-defined catalysts
Pages  215 -  224
Frédéric Lefebvre, Jean-Marie Basset
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14 A combined theoretical and experimental study of V-antimonate catalyst
Pages  225 -  243
B. Irigoyen, S. Larrondo, A. Juan, N. Amadeo
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15 Propane dehydrogenation over chromia catalysts: micro-catalysis, deactivation, macro-kinetics, and reactor modelling
Pages  245 -  265
S. David Jackson, E. Hugh Stitt
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16 Ethylene oligomerization with Ni(MeCN)6 (BF4)2 in homogeneous phase, immobilized in ionic liquids or heterogeneized in zeolite
Short Communication
Pages  267 -  273
Michèle Oberson de Souza, Roberto F. de Souza
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