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Current Topics in Phytochemistry   Volumes
Current Topics in Phytochemistry
Volume 3
Published in 2000
Table of Contents
1 Chemistry of alternariolide (AM-toxin I) and its analogs, a host-specific phytotoxin
Pages  1 -  37
Kimiko Hashimoto, Toshikatsu Okuno, Masaya Nakata, Haruhisa Shirahama
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2 Recent advances in phenolics of Pteridophyta
Pages  39 -  75
Filippo Imperato
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3 Traditionally used Pelargonium species : chemistry and biological activity of umckaloabo extracts and their constituents
Pages  77 -  93
Herbert Kolodziej
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4 Eco-chemical interactions of phytopathogenic fungi and leguminosae plants based on production of the secondary metabolites
Pages  95 -  111
Afgan Farooq, Satoshi Tahara
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5 Ribosome-inactivating proteins and lectins from Sambucus
Pages  113 -  128
José Miguel Ferreras, Lucía Citores, Fernando Martínez de Benito, Francisco Javier Arias, María Angeles Rojo, Raquel Muñoz, Rosario Iglesias, Tomás Girbés
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6 Catabolism of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase from higher plants
Pages  129 -  165
Ricardo Boavida Ferreira, Maria da Glória Esquível, Artur Ricardo Teixeira
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7 Allelochemicals from Rue (Ruta graveolens L.) and Olive (Olea europaea L.) oil mill waste waters as potential natural pesticides
Pages  167 -  177
Giovanni Aliotta, Gennaro Cafiero, Vincenzo De Feo, Benedetto Di Blasio, Rosa Iacovino, Anna Oliva
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8 Handling of cereal prolamins-derived peptides by human tissue transglutaminase –consentaneous and hypothetical implications for celiac disease
Pages  179 -  187
Claudine Paul, Michelle Nijs, Jean Vincentelli, Danielle Baeyens-Volant, M. Ghislaine Petiau-de Vries, Mohamed Azarkan, Yvan Looze
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9 The Chemistry of the genus Tillandsia
Pages  189 -  195
Gabriela M. Cabrera
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10 Peroxidase and H2O2 production by plant cells: truth and clues
Pages  197 -  202
A. Ros Barceló
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11 Bioactivity of essential oil components
Mini Review
Pages  203 -  214
Julio A. Zygadlo, Hector R. Juliani (Jr.)
Abstract | Buy this article 
12 Flavonoids: from waste products to profitable metabolites
Mini Review
Pages  215 -  224
Claudio F. Pairoba, Sergio L. Colombo, Carlos S. Andreo
Abstract | Buy this article 
13 The chemistry of pentalenolactones . An overview
Mini Review
Pages  225 -  231
Rolando A. Spanevello, Silvina C. Pellegrinet
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