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Current Topics in Phytochemistry   Volumes
Current Topics in Phytochemistry
Volume 5
Published in 2002
Table of Contents
1 Halogenated indole derivatives
Pages  1 -  21
Karl-Heinz van Pée, Jutta Ludwig-Müller
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2 The chemosystematic significance of xanthones in Gentianaceae
Pages  23 -  38
V. Peres, T. J. Nagem, F. F. Oliveira, T. T. Oliveira
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3 Comparative chemotaxonomy in Southern African Combretum and its intercontinental significance
Pages  39 -  52
C.B. Rogers, M. Steyn
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4 Bioconversions of exogenous substrates by cell suspension cultures of bryophytes
Pages  53 -  66
Andreas Speicher, Heike Roeser
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5 Natural boron-containing compounds in plants, algae and microorganisms
Pages  67 -  76
V. M. Dembitsky, R. Smoum, A. A. Al-Quntar, H. A. Ali, I. Pergament, M. Srebnik
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6 Electron microscopic and biochemical investigations on the antibacterial effects of Australian tea tree oil against Staphylococcus aureus
Pages  77 -  84
Jürgen Reichling, Michael Harkenthal, Heinrich Konrad Geiss, Torsten Hoppe-Tichy, Reinhard Saller
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7 Bergenin and fragrance molecules in Saxifraga stolonifera root cultures
Pages  85 -  89
Norie Tanaka, Francois J. Kraus, Toshihiro Fujioka, Hiroko Fujii, Kunihide Mihashi, Kanji Ishimaru
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8 Content of selected isoflavones in plants and plant cell cultures of soybean
Short Communication
Pages  91 -  98
Burkhard Schmidt, Michael Quirmbach
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9 Chemistry of the secondary metabolites of Argania spinosa (L.) Skeels
Mini Review
Pages  99 -  102
Zoubida Charrouf, Dominique Guillaume
Abstract | Buy this article 
10 A review of the adjuvant activity of saponins
Mini Review
Pages  103 -  107
Robson Roney Bernardo
Abstract | Buy this article 
11 Effect of protease inhibitors on the extraction of Crimini mushroom tyrosinase isoforms
Pages  109 -  120
Lin Chen, William H. Flurkey
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12 ACC-oxidase in developing and germinating seeds
Pages  121 -  128
A. J. Matilla, M. I. Puga-Hermida, C. Fernández-Otero, M. C. Rodríguez-Gacio
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13 The identification of controlled plant drugs using phytochemistry and DNA
Pages  129 -  140
M. D. Cole, A. M. T. Linacre
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14 Lignans in bryophytes: their structures and biosynthesis
Pages  141 -  151
Hiroyuki Tazaki
Abstract | Buy this article 
15 Recent advances in isoprenoid compounds from pteridophyta
Pages  153 -  223
Filippo Imperato
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16 Pharmacochemical investigation on some malian medicinal plants
Pages  225 -  234
Rokia Sanogo, Sergio Giani, Alessandra Braca, Drissa Diallo, Ivano Morelli, Cosimo Pizza, Nunziatina de Tommasi
Abstract | Buy this article 
17 Aloe chemistry
Pages  235 -  254
T. Reynolds
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