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Trends in Heterocyclic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Heterocyclic Chemistry
Volume 4
Published in 1995
Table of Contents
1 Substituted 8-quinolinols: Halo, nitro, and sulfonic acids
Pages  1 -  12
Herman Gershon, Donald D. Clarke, Muriel Gershon
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2 N1-acyl-2-(ethoxycarbonyl)acetamidrazones as starting material for the synthesis of heterocycles
Pages  13 -  23
Maria Teresa Cocco, Cenzo Congiu, Valentina Onnis
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3 Synthesis and spectral properties of 2,5,5-trimethyl-9R-4,6-dihydro-8-one-[l,2,4]-triazolo-[4,3-a]-furo-[3,2-c]-azepines
Pages  25 -  31
Eduardo Cortés Cortés, Eduardo Cortés Romero, Alicia Domίnguez Taylor, Marίa C. Lozada Garcίa
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4 1,2,4-triazole as subunit in proton-ionizable and chiral crown ether receptors
Pages  33 -  45
M. Victoria Martίnez-Dίaz, Tomás Torres
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5 Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of a series of analgesic imidazo[l,2-b] pyridazine acidic derivatives
Pages  47 -  50
Elena Luraschi, Francesca Arena, Antonia Sacchi, Sonia Laneri, Enrico Abignente
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6 Synthesis of benzothiazepines
Pages  51 -  69
Albert Lévai
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7 Synthesis and reaction of heterocyclic compounds promoted by organotin reagents
Pages  71 -  87
Ikuya Shibata, Akio Baba
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8 Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds from exocyclic α, β-unsaturated ketones
Pages  89 -  101
Albert Lévai, Gábor Tóth
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9 Structure and antitumor activities of novel acridine derivatives
Pages  103 -  113
Michio Kimura
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10 Mass spectrometry of 3,4-dihydroquinazolin-4-ones: A review
Pages  115 -  134
Leopoldo Ceraulo, Pasquale Agozzino, Mirella Ferrugia, Rosina Rainieri
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11 Preparation of heterocycles containing a 2-isoxazole moiety using intramolecular nitrile oxide and intramolecular silylnitronate cycloadditions
Pages  135 -  158
Bernard Loubinoux, Philippe Gerardin, Raphaël Schneider, Mohammed Ahrach, Jérôme Boëlle
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12 Stereospecific photochemical synthesis of cis - and trans - hexahydrocarbazol-4-ones. Useful synthons for the total synthesis of Aspidosperma alkaloids
Pages  159 -  167
Yves Troin, Marie-Eve Sinibaldi, Daniel Gardette, Denise Dugat, Monique Dufour, Jean-Claude Gramain
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13 Reactions of heteroaromatics with nitrilium betaines
Pages  169 -  215
Antonino Corsaro, Venerando Pistarà
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14 Benzo[c]furans (isobenzofurans) and related compounds as building blocks in organic synthesis
Pages  217 -  259
Olaf Peters, Willy Friedrichsen
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15 The conversion of five membered 1,2-N,O-heterocyclic isoxazolidinium cations
Pages  261 -  291
Ugo Chiacchio, Giovanni Romeo, Nicola Uccella
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16 Reduction with non chiral and chiral biomimetic NADH models in the pyrido[2,3-b]indole series. New chiral NADH models carrying rigidified cyclized structures at the amide part
Pages  293 -  302
Vincent Levacher, Georges Dupas, Guy Quéguiner, Jean Bourguignon
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