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Trends in Heterocyclic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Heterocyclic Chemistry
Volume 5
Published in 1997
Table of Contents
1 Synthesis of benzoxazepines
Pages  1 -  16
Albert Lévai
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2 Utilities of 1,4-dihydropyridines in synthetic organic chemistry
Pages  17 -  36
Masayuki Fujii, Kaoru Nakamura, Atsuyoshi Ohno
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3 Recent interrelationships in the chemistries of thienopyridines, benzopyridines, and benzothiophenes
Pages  37 -  55
LeRoy H. Klemm
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4 Novel five- and six- membered bisheterocyclic systems from dithiocarbamates and related compounds
Pages  57 -  74
Santiago Franco, Francisco L. Merchán, Pedro Merino, Tomás Tejero
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5 Synthesis, reactivity and spectral properties of some 12-(o- and p-R-phenyl)-9, 9-dimethyl-8,9,10,11-tetrahydrobenz[a]acridin-11-ones and 7-(o- and p-R-phenyl)-10,10-dimethyl-8,9,10,11-tetrahydrobenz[c]acridin-8-ones
Pages  75 -  81
Roberto Martίnez, Ruben Gaviño R., Gustavo Avila Z.
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6 Synthesis of fused heterocycles from chalcones and bifunctional amines
Pages  83 -  89
Braulio Insuasty, Jairo Quiroga, Herbert Meier
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7 The chemistry of heterocyclic thioaldehydes
Pages  91 -  113
Hironao Sajiki, Kosaku Hirota
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8 Synthesis and reactivity of 1H-indol-3(2H)-one and related compounds
Mini Review
Pages  115 -  126
J.-Y. Mérour, S. Piroëlle, B. Joseph
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9 Macrocyclic heterophanes via intramolecular 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions
Mini Review
Pages  127 -  133
Giorgio Molteni, Gaetano Zecchi
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10 Natural templates for N. S. receptors ligands. I. Competitive antagonist alkaloids at the glycinergic, GABAergic, cholinergic and serotoninergic receptors
Short Note
Pages  135 -  144
E. Gâlvez-Ruano, I. Iriepa, A. Morreale
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