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Trends in Heterocyclic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Heterocyclic Chemistry
Volume 9
Published in 2003
Table of Contents
1 Synthesis of sugar analogs having a phosphorus atom in the pyranose ring (phospha sugar) and stereoselectivity of C-P bond introduction
Pages  1 -  18
Hiroshi Yamamoto, Tadashi Hanaya
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2 Applications of 2-chloro-4,5-dihydroimidazole in heterocyclic and medicinal chemistry
Pages  19 -  31
Franciszek Saczewski, Jaroslaw Saczewski
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3 A novel one-pot phase-transfer catalysis synthesis of some new 2-thiophen-, 2-pyrrol-, 2-thiopyran-, 2-pyridinylidene-nitriles and their fused and spiro derivatives
Pages  33 -  46
Ahmed M. EI-Sayed
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4 Application of heterocyclic enaminones for the synthesis of polyfused indolones: a photochemical approach
Pages  47 -  59
P.J Aragon, Y. Blache
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5 New aspects of solid-phase organic synthesis: ring formation reactions using active species on a solid support and efficient construction of heterocyclic compound libraries
Pages  61 -  68
Yasuyoshi Iso
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6 Application of N-vinylimidoyl, N-arylimidoyl and hydrazonyl compounds in the synthesis of N-heterocycles
Pages  69 -  82
Agnieszka Kudelko, Monika Mazik, Wojciech Czardybon, Wojciech Zielinski
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7 Synthetic studies of novel carbocyclic nucleosides based on bicyclic amide (ABH)
Pages  83 -  90
Minoru Ishikura, Nobuya Katagiri
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8 Applications of the iodine (III) reagent PIFA in heterocyclic chemistry. A novel entry to the synthesis of quinolinones and benzodiazepin-2-ones
Pages  91 -  99
Esther Dominguez, Imanol Tellitu, Isabel Moreno, M. Teresa Herrero, Raul SanMartin
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9 Synthetic probe compounds for the bioorganic studies of nyctinastic leaf-movement in leguminous plants
Pages  101 -  107
Minoru Ueda, Shosuke Yamamura, Takanori Sugimoto, Tomohiko Fujii
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10 Design and syntheses of bioactive 1,2,4-triazolo[1,5-a]-pyrimidine compounds
Pages  109 -  116
Guangfu Yang, Huazheng Yang
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11 Synthesis and properties of calixarene analogs containing thiophene ring, cystine peptide, and homoaza units: molecular recognition toward organic cations
Pages  117 -  127
Kazuaki Ito, Yoshihiro Ohba
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12 Retention behaviour of heterocyclic bases in liquid chromatographic systems
Pages  129 -  166
Monika Waksmundzka-Hajnos
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13 Tautomeric preferences in histamine and its model 4(5)-alkylimidazoles
Pages  167 -  183
Ewa D. Raczynska, Malgorzata Darowska, Mariusz Makowski
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14 Current theoretical methods to study oxane derivatives
Pages  185 -  193
Eduardo A. Castro, Nelly L. Jorge
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15 Preparative heterocyclic chemistry using Tonsil a bentonitic clay; 1981 to 2003
Pages  195 -  235
Armando Cabrera Ortiz, Cecilio Alvarez Toledano, Francisco Delgado Reyes, Gabriel A. Arroyo Razo, Guillermo Penieres Carrillo, Manuel Salmon Salazar, Rene Miranda Ruvalcaba
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16 1-substituted 3-dimethylaminoprop-2-en-1-ones as building blocks in heterocyclic synthesis
Pages  237 -  258
Charalabos Camoutsis, George Pairas
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17 The intramolecular biaryl-ether linkage: an elegant synthesis of dibenzoxepinopyrazoles mediated by copper and palladium
Pages  259 -  266
Esther Dominguez, Fatima Churruca, Imanol Tellitu, Raul SanMartin, Roberto Olivera
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