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Current Topics in Steroid Research   Volumes
Current Topics in Steroid Research
Volume 2
Published in 1999
Table of Contents
1 Alternative splicing of the estrogen receptor α
Pages  1 -  14
Paola Ferro, Ulrich Pfeffer
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2 Antiprogestins: their mechanism of action and the consequences for compound selection by in vitro and in vivo studies
Pages  15 -  54
W. G. E. J. Schoonen, G. J. Vermeulen, G. H. Deckers, P. M. Verbost, H. J. Kloosterboer
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3 Local estrogen metabolism in bone
Pages  55 -  67
Franz Jakob, Norbert Schutze, Jerzy Adamski
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4 Regulation of endothelin-1 and ET-A receptor expression by glucocorticoids: implications in blood pressure control
Pages  69 -  80
P. H. Provencher, C. Morin, A. Villeneuve, C. Bernier
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5 Gonadotropin- releasing hormone action on ovarian steroidogenesis and apoptosis
Pages  81 -  91
Marta Tesone, Alejandra Vitale, Fernanda Parborell
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6 Androgens in mammary and endometrial cancer
Pages  93 -  100
Reinhard Hackenberg, Klaus-Dieter Schulz
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7 Immunoendocrine interactions in the gonads
Pages  101 -  108
M. C. Romano, J. A. Reyes, M. G. Porras, C. Miranda-Brito, R. A. Valdez, M. Pérez
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8 Steroids in pancreatic cancer therapy
Pages  109 -  117
Rathinam S. Selvan, Vladimir Petrow, George M. Padilla
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9 Nongenomic effects of progesterone on spermatozoa: relevance to sperm function
Pages  119 -  125
Elisabetta Baldi, Michaela Luconi, Lorella Bonaccorsi, Gianni Forti
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10 Androgenic hormone action in the kidney
Pages  127 -  135
Anna Meseguer, Alain Vandewalle
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11 Parenteral oestrogen treatment of prostate carcinoma
Pages  137 -  140
Åke Pousette, Peter Henriksson, Mirtha Grande, Kjell Carlström, Reinhard Stege
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12 Novel vitamin D analogues as anti-proliferative agents in cancer: cellular and molecular mechanisms of action
Pages  141 -  156
Kay W. Colston, Sharon Y. James, Grisha Pirianov
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13 Autoinduction of nuclear receptors and its significance
Pages  157 -  166
Jamshed R. Tata
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14 1, 25-(OH)2-vitamin D3 dependent early gene regulation
Mini Review
Pages  167 -  180
N. Schutze, F. Jakob
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