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Current Topics in Steroid Research   Volumes
Current Topics in Steroid Research
Volume 4
Published in 2004
Table of Contents
1 Biomarkers of diabetes mellitus and rheumatoid arthritis associated with oxidative stress, applicable to periodontal diseases
Pages  1 -  17
Mena Soory
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2 Effects of steroid sulfatase enzymes on associated diseases and local production of steroid hormones
Pages  19 -  35
Teruo Sugawara, Eiji Nomura
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3 Historical transition of the steroid carcinogenesis concept
Pages  37 -  54
Mitsuo Kodama, Toshiko Kodama
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4 Neurosteroids in Alzheimer’s disease
Pages  55 -  67
Caroline Muller, Sae-Bom Kim, Robert Morfin
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5 Estrogen: regulator and/or endocrine disruptor in the establishment of pregnancy?
Pages  69 -  84
Rodney D. Geisert, Jason W. Ross, Jerry R. Malayer
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6 The role of androgens in the pathogenesis of Kennedy’s disease
Pages  85 -  92
Karen J. Greenland, Jeffrey D. Zajac, Garry L. Warne
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7 Multicenter trial of adrenocorticosteroids in Japanese patients with IgA nephropathy - results of the special study group (IgA nephropathy) on progressive glomerular disease, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan
Pages  93 -  98
Yasuhiko Tomino, Hitoshi Suzuki, Satoshi Horikoshi, Enyu Imai, Masanobu Miyazaki, Yoshiyuki Ohzono, Takashi Harada, Hiroaki Yoshida, Tetsuya Kawamura, Yutaka Kobayashi, Shigenobu Suzuki, Kousaku Nitta, Osamu Hotta, Norishige Yoshikawa, Masayuki Endoh, Hideto Sakai
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8 Glucocorticoids: the best therapy for immune-mediated inner ear disease
Pages  99 -  104
José Ramón García-Berrocal, Rafael Ramírez-Camacho, Almudena Trinidad, David Lobo
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9 Oophorectomized cholesterol-fed rabbits as models for aorta atherosclerosis research
Pages  105 -  116
C. Castelo-Branco, A. Sanjuán, M. Colodrón, C. Ascaso, J. J. Vicente, J. Ordi, E. Casals, I. Mercadé, G. Escaramís, J. A. Vanrell
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10 Estrogen receptors in leukocytes
Pages  117 -  122
Denis Stygar, Lena Sahlin
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11 The functional ecdysteroid receptor complex
Pages  123 -  129
Klaus-Dieter Spindler, Beata Greb-Markiewicz, Tobias Polifke, Margarethe Spindler-Barth
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12 Mutational analysis of the androgen receptor gene in female breast cancer
Short Communication
Pages  131 -  135
Wolfgang Weidemann, Yong-Jig Cho, Vera Balz, Hans Bojar, Hans-Udo Schweikert, Klaus-Dieter Spindler
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13 Effect of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) on basal and stimulated aldosterone production in adrenal glomerulosa cells
Short Communication
Pages  137 -  143
Toshikazu Kigoshi, Noriko Imaizumi, Keisuke Furuya, Kazunori Konishi, Masataka Fukuda, Tomohiko Ito, Haruhiko Hatakeyama, Makoto Nishizawa, Atsushi Nakagawa, Shigeru Nakano, Kenzo Uchida
Abstract | Buy this article 
14 Bile acid metabolism in preterm infants
Short Communication
Pages  145 -  150
Akihiko Kimura, Yasuhiko Yamato, Kohji Maeda, Masami Kumagai, Toyojiro Matsuishi
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15 In vitro study of androgen production by Leydig cells of IGF-1 knockout mice
Original Communication
Pages  151 -  156
Bina C. Shah, Veeramac K. Prasad, Margaret T. Welch, Raphael David
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16 Use of intraocular triamcinolone in ophthalmology
Pages  157 -  167
Richard Comer, Zoe Ockrim, Narcis Okhravi, Philip Hykin, Susan Lightman
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17 Homeostatic regulation of cutaneous immune response by glucocorticoid: crosstalk between endocrine and neuroimmune system in the skin
Pages  169 -  183
Ichiro Katayama, Sang Jae Bae, Kazuhiro Shimizu, Hiroo Yokozeki, Kiyoshi Nishioka
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18 Mega dose methylprednisolone in hematological diseases
Pages  185 -  195
Sevgi Yetgin, Şinasi Özsoylu
Abstract | Buy this article 
19 Rhenium- and technetium-complexes with steroids as ligands for the estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor and androgen receptor
Pages  197 -  205
Frank R. Wüst
Abstract | Buy this article 
20 The effect of dexamethasone on morphine-induced analgesia in mice
Original Communication
Pages  207 -  215
Anna Capasso
Abstract | Buy this article 
21 Glucocorticoid – induced osteoporosis : prevention and treatment
Pages  217 -  226
J. P. Devogelaer, D. H. Manicourt, Y. Boutsen
Abstract | Buy this article 
22 Biochemical genetics of 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases
Pages  227 -  242
Dominga Deluca, Andreas Fritz, Rebekka Mindnich, Gabriele Möller, Jerzy Adamski
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23 Behavioural consequences of anabolic-androgenic steroid administration in gonadally intact male mice
Pages  243 -  247
Luis Moya-Albiol, Sonia Martínez-Sanchis, Alicia Salvador
Abstract | Buy this article 
24 Physiological actions of ecdysteroids on nervous system in arthropoda
Pages  249 -  263
Beatriz Fuentes Pardo, Jesús Hernández Falcón
Abstract | Buy this article 
25 Steroid sulfatase inhibition: effects on learning and memory
Mini Review
Pages  265 -  269
Vedavalli N. Pokala, Pui-Kai Li, David A. Johnson
Abstract | Buy this article 
26 Serum cholesterol and serotonergic function in young people who have attempted suicide
Original Communication
Pages  271 -  280
Isela E. Juárez-Rojop, Jorge L. Blé-Castillo, Mario Villar-Soto, Teresa Ramón-Frías, Marco A. Juárez-Oropeza, Juan C. Díaz-Zagoya
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