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Current Trends in Immunology   Volumes
Current Trends in Immunology
Volume 1
Published in 1998
Table of Contents
1 Nitric oxide synthesis by macrophages: a lesson learned from ruminants
Pages  1 -  15
Thomas W. Jungi
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2 Intercellular covalent chemical events in T-cell activation as targets for the development of immunopotentiatory drugs
Pages  17 -  28
John Rhodes
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3 Progenitor seeding of the thymus: a wide window of opportunity
Pages  29 -  39
Karl J. Franek, Robert Chervenak
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4 Regulation of human B lymphocyte responsiveness by activated CD4+ T cells
Pages  41 -  56
Shunsei Hirohata
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5 Expression of different nitric oxide synthases in human monocytic cells and B lymphocytes: regulation by membrane and soluble CD23
Pages  57 -  67
Jean-Pierre Kolb, Haixia Zhao, Nathalie Dugas, Chantal Damais, Viviana Roman, Bernard Dugas
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6 Cytokine profile of autoreactive T lymphocytes in Multiple Sclerosis and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Pages  69 -  78
Guy Hermans, Leen De Ryck, Jef Raus, Piet Stinissen
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7 Signaling functions of the CD5 molecule
Pages  79 -  87
Georges Bismuth, Hélène Gray-Gouy
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8 Cytokine-induced activation of anti-tumor cytotoxic T cells
Pages  89 -  95
Swapan K. Ghosh, Sampa Santra
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9 Suppression of prolactin release as therapy for autoimmune diseases?
Pages  97 -  104
Michel Neidhart
Abstract | Buy this article 
10 Membrane and soluble IL-6 receptors; tools of diagnosis and targets for immune intervention
Pages  105 -  121
Jean Brochier, Jean Philippe Gaillard, Bernard Klein
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11 DNA vaccines for infections with intracellular bacteria
Pages  123 -  132
Yukio Koide, Toshi Nagata, Atsushi Yoshida, Masato Uchijima
Abstract | Buy this article 
12 Redox regulation by thioredoxin in host defense
Pages  133 -  140
Hajime Nakamura, Junji Yodoi
Abstract | Buy this article 
13 Opsonin-independent phagocytosis: the role of scavenger type receptors
Pages  141 -  147
Aiyappa Palecanda, Lester Kobzik
Abstract | Buy this article 
14 Bronchial allergic inflammation: how it begins and why it persists
Pages  149 -  157
Fabrizio Spinozzi, Elisabetta Agea, Alberto Bertotto
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15 Cytokine network in the joint inflammation
Pages  159 -  167
Akihiro Matsukawa, Masaru Yoshinaga
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16 Allogeneic lymphocyte cytotoxicity a model system to underscore some essential features of NK cell recognition mechanisms in immune responses
Pages  169 -  179
Bent Rolstad
Abstract | Buy this article 
17 Targeting HIV diversity with a poly-envelope vaccine
Pages  181 -  190
T. D. Lockey, K. S. Slobod, T. E. Caver, S. D. Rencher, Q. Rodgers, J. L. Hurwitz
Abstract | Buy this article 
18 The c-kit ligand: a key regulator of human mast cells
Mini Review
Pages  191 -  198
Peter Valent
Abstract | Buy this article 
19 NF-κB activation and lung inflammatory injury
Mini Review
Pages  199 -  207
Alex B. Lentsch, Peter A. Ward
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