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Current Trends in Immunology   Volumes
Current Trends in Immunology
Volume 2
Published in 1999
Table of Contents
1 Viral hepatitis and immune disorders: an animal model
Pages  1 -  17
Lucie Lamontagne, Pierre Jolicoeur
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2 Signaling and activation, calcium and cytokine release, receptorial activities of the human CD38 family of NAD+ -converting ectoenzymes
Pages  19 -  36
Silvia Deaglio, Roberto Mallone, Germano Baj, Alberto Arnulfo, Erika Ortolan, Paola Sposato, Clara Ausiello, Franca Saccucci, Armando Gregorini, Cristina Cinti, Alberto Horenstein, Mercedes Zubiaur, Jaime Sancho, Umberto Dianzani, Enza Ferrero, Ada Funaro, Toshiaki Katada, Kapil Mehta, Fabio Malavasi
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3 Exogenous superantigens and their interaction with the immune system: mechanisms of T-cell activation and structure
Pages  37 -  55
Paula Rovira, Marc Delcourt, Paolo Truffa-Bachi
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4 Maternal immunization during pregnancy and the immune responses of the offspring
Pages  57 -  71
Nobuo Yamaguchi, Xiu-Xia Wang, Wenhan Wan
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5 MHC class 1 molecules, melanoma-associated antigen and retrovirus production in B16 murine melanoma cells
Pages  73 -  85
Mengfeng Li, Jacqueline Muller, Vincent J. Hearing, Elieser Gorelik
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6 Immune reconstitution during highly active antiretroviral therapies
Pages  87 -  97
Guislaine Carcelain, Taisheng Li, Guy Gorochov, Marc Renaud, Catherine Blanc, Brigitte Autran, Patrice Debré
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7 Structure and function of Interleukin-16
Pages  99 -  109
William W. Cruikshank, Hardy Kornfeld, David M. Center
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8 Modulation of immune function by neuropeptides
Pages  111 -  122
Mónica De la Fuente
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9 Regulatory and effector functions of cytokines in tuberculosis
Pages  123 -  134
Robert J. Wilkinson, Christina S. Hirsch, Zahra Toossi
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10 Recent developments in diagnosis and prophylaxis of Theileria annulata and T. sergenti infections
Pages  135 -  144
N. K. Rakha, C. Sugimoto, M. Onuma
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11 Evidence and hypothesis to explain the structural basis of polyreactivity
Pages  145 -  151
Minou Adib-Conquy
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12 Role of asymmetric IgG antibodies in fetal maintenance
Pages  153 -  163
Ricardo A. Margni, Ileana Malan Borel
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13 Macrophage precursor potential of the endodermal layer cells in the rat yolk sac
Pages  165 -  172
Akira Yamashita
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14 Cell signaling and imaging in mast cell activation
Pages  173 -  186
Mamoru Nakanishi, Reiko Teshima
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15 Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) derived from human malignant glioma - biological meaning of its expression and application for the treatment of malignant glioma
Pages  187 -  194
Hideo Takeshima, Jun-ichi Kuratsu, Keizo Yamamoto, Toru Nishi, Shigeo Yamashiro, Teizo Yoshimura, Yukitaka Ushio
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16 The role of cytosolic phospholipase A2 in regulation of phagocytic functions
Pages  195 -  201
Rachel Levy
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17 Re-evaluation of TNFα and IFN-γ in the liver: Dr. Jekylls or Mr. Hydes?
Mini Review
Pages  203 -  208
Yoshifumi Watanabe
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18 Immune response modulation by opioids in mammals and invertebrates
Mini Review
Pages  209 -  216
Aurélie Tasiemski, Christophe Lefebvre, Didier Vieau, Michel Salzet
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19 Cytokines in septic arthritis: for better for worse
Mini Review
Pages  217 -  224
Olof Hultgren, Yi-Xue Zhao, Andrzej Tarkowski
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