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Current Trends in Immunology   Volumes
Current Trends in Immunology
Volume 4
Published in 2002
Table of Contents
1 CD8 T cells in host immune protection against intracellular parasitic infections: implications for the development of subunit vaccines
Pages  1 -  24
Mauricio M. Rodrigues, Silvia B. Boscardin, José Ronnie Vasconcelos, Meire Hioshii, Gerson Salay, Irene S. Soares
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2 APRIL and BAFF are members of a unique subfamily within the TNF family of proteins
Pages  25 -  45
Luciana Trabach, Alexey Lugovskoy, Herman Van Vlijmen, Emmanuel Dejardin, Susan L. Kalled, Paul D. Rennert
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3 Functional dissection of tumor necrosis factor in liver, brain and lungs
Pages  47 -  59
Rudolf Lucas, Georges E. Grau, Michael A. Matthay, Albrecht Wendel
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4 Immune responses after pertussis immunization and disease
Pages  61 -  72
Qiushui He, Jussi Mertsola
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5 Haptoglobin - a new link between innate and adaptive immunity
Pages  73 -  83
M. Arredouani, J. L. Ceuppens
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6 T cell autoimmunity and T cell vaccination
Pages  85 -  94
Jingwu Zhang
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7 Development of intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes in mice
Pages  95 -  102
John R. Klein
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8 Palatine tonsils as a predominant inductive site linked to salivary glands
Pages  103 -  113
Hiromasa Inoue, Takaki Fukuizumi, Toshiyuki Tsujisawa
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9 How to amplify DNA-raised immune responses
Pages  115 -  126
Shin Sasaki, Fumihiko Takeshita, Norihisa Ishii, Ke-Qin Xin, Kenji Okuda
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10 Signaling-induced vesicle trafficking by the human IgA Fc receptor (CD89): new insights into CD89-triggered effector functions
Pages  127 -  138
Mark L. Lang, William F. Wade
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11 DNA damage and repair during ageing
Pages  139 -  149
Simona Neri, Alessandra Meneghetti, Erminia Mariani
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12 Approaches and advances for gene therapy in autoimmune diseases
Pages  151 -  166
Alenka Levicnik, Ingo H. Tarner, C. Garrison Fathman
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13 Immunoregulatory properties of ubiquitin-related proteins
Pages  157 -  160
Morihiko Nakamura, Yoshinori Tanigawa
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14 Immunoglobulin genes and their diversification in vertebrates
Pages  161 -  176
Surinder S. Saini, Azad Kaushik
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15 The complement activation and their biological effects on Aeromonas
Short Communication
Pages  177 -  181
Susana Merino, Juan M. Tomás
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