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Trends in Heat & Mass Transfer   Volumes
Trends in Heat & Mass Transfer
Volume 1
(This volume was published under the former title "Trends in Heat, Mass & Momentum Transfer".)
Published in 1991
Table of Contents
1 Mixed convection from two-dimensional and axisymmetric bodies of arbitrary contour
Pages  1 -  15
M. R. Cameron, D. R. Jeng, K. J. De Witt
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2 Transport characteristics just above and within crop canopies
Pages  17 -  31
Adrie F. G. Jacobs
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3 Critical heat flux in saturated forced convective boiling on a heated disk with one or multiple impinging jets
Pages  33 -  44
Masanori Monde
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4 Fluid-to-fluid modelling of the critical heat flux in simple and complex geometries
Pages  45 -  64
S. S. Doerffer, D. C. Groeneveld, R. Tain, S. C. Cheng, W. Zeggel
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5 Introduction to generalized Darcy equations for high Reynolds number flow in industrial porous media
Pages  65 -  74
Wouter ZijI
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6 Mass transfer in Couette - Poiseuille vortex and swirling decaying flows in annular devices
Pages  75 -  99
J. Legrand, P. Legentilhomme, F. Coeuret
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7 Mathematical models of magma-hydrothermal heat transfer and high-temperature venting on the sea floor
Pages  101 -  111
Robert P. Lowell
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8 Analogy between heat and momentum transfer in plane turbulent wall jets (*)
Pages  113 -  123
P. Y. Nizou
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9 Radiative heat transfer by the Monte Carlo method
Pages  125 -  137
Hiroshi Taniguchi, Kazuhiko Kudo, Wen-Jei Yang
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10 Perturbations of isochoric and isothermal mutual diffusion of two imperfect gases: The system neopentane-argon
Pages  139 -  151
K. Kerl, C. Schwandt
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11 Heat and mass transfer in magnetized fluidized beds
Pages  153 -  166
Joaquim Casal, Josep Arnaldos
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12 Fluidization of large particle at high temperature hydrodynamics and heat transfer
Pages  167 -  185
G. Flamant, N. Fatah
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13 New free convection measurements in water
Pages  187 -  193
G. Sonnino, M. De Paz, M. Pilo
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14 Effects of visco-elasticity induced by organic polymers on free convection in water
Pages  195 -  202
G. Sonnino, M. De Paz, M. Pilo
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15 Asymptotic structure and characteristics of turbulent boundary layers: Short review and recent developments
Pages  203 -  218
Atila P. Silva Freire
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