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Current Topics in Biochemical Research   Volumes
Current Topics in Biochemical Research
Volume 1
Published in 1999
Table of Contents
1 What are the roles of the protein kinase Cs, particularly protein kinase C-δ, in apoptosis?
Pages  1 -  18
Ubaldo Armato, James F. Whitfield, Anna Charini, Ilaria Dal Pra
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2 Molecular basis of the activity of Clostridium perfringens toxins
Pages  19 -  35
L. Petit, M. Gibert, C. Henri, V. Lorin, F. Baraige, J. P. Carlier, M. R. Popoff
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3 The ErbB3/HER3 receptor protein: signaling mechanisms and biologic function
Pages  37 -  57
Ulka Vijapurkar, Hong-Hee Kim, John G. Koland
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4 Overview of biological functions of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and D-dopachrome tautomerase based on the gene and protein structures
Pages  59 -  73
Jun Nishihira, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Isao Tanaka
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5 Protein phosphatases and cancer
Pages  75 -  87
Kunimi Kikuchi, Koji Nakamura, Hiroshi Shima
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6 Transcription factor IIIA (TFIIIA): Structural and functional specificity
Pages  89 -  101
Barkur S. Shastry
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7 Evolution and functional diversification of sterol-metabolizing P450: Evidence for the interaction between diversification of P450 and expansion of metabolic pathways
Pages  103 -  112
Yuzo Yoshida, Yuri Aoyama, Mitsuhide Noshiro, Osamu Gotoh
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8 Roles of UGA in mammalian protein synthesis: selenocysteine, stop, suppression and reading gaps
Pages  113 -  123
Easwari Kumaraswamy, Xue-Ming Xu, Francisco J. Martin-Romero, Bradley A. Carlson, Dolph L. Hatfield
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9 Distribution and function of sialic acids in nature
Pages  125 -  133
Motonobu Yoshida
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10 Cancer vaccination using herpes simplex virus vectors – a review
Pages  135 -  143
Masahiro Toda, Yutaka Kawakami
Abstract | Buy this article 
11 MAP kinase signaling pathways in cardiac myocyte hypertrophy
Pages  145 -  155
Christophe Montessuit, Andrew Thorburn
Abstract | Buy this article 
12 A functional role for α2-macroglobulin in the innate immune system
Pages  157 -  164
Peter B. Armstrong, James P. Quigley
Abstract | Buy this article 
13 Glycans of peroxidase, do they have a special role?
Pages  165 -  171
Robert B. van Huystee, Yan Sun, Bao Lige
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14 Interaction of the p48 subunit of chicken chromatin assembly factor-1 with histone deacetylases
Pages  173 -  178
Tatsuo Nakayama, Yasunari Takami, Ahyar Ahmad
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15 Apoptosis in leukemic cells: basic and clinical aspects
Mini Review
Pages  179 -  191
Kiyohiko Hatake, Yasuhito Terui, Hiroshi Tomizuka, Masaya Uwai, Masaki Mori, Yugi Mishima
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16 Do inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors function as multiprotein complexes?
Mini Review
Pages  193 -  204
Geert Bultynck, Ludwig Missiaen, Geert Callewaert, Jan B. Parys, Humbert De Smedt
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17 The HIN-200 proteins of mice and humans: regulators of gene transcription and cellular proliferation
Mini Review
Pages  205 -  216
Ricky W. Johnstone, Joseph A. Trapani
Abstract | Buy this article 
18 Allergy: from allergen specificity to environmental factors
Mini Review
Pages  217 -  225
Seiichi Kitani
Abstract | Buy this article 
19 The role of cortacin in the actin cytoskeletal reorganization
Mini Review
Pages  227 -  233
Cai Huang, Jiali Liu, Yangsong Li, Xi Zhan
Abstract | Buy this article 
20 Lipid second messengers as regulators of nuclear protein kinase C isoforms
Mini Review
Pages  235 -  242
Alberto M. Martelli, Silvano Capitani, Luca M. Neri
Abstract | Buy this article 
21 The dermaseptin family of antimicrobial peptide precursors
Mini Review
Pages  243 -  248
Pierre Nicolas, Mohamed Amiche
Abstract | Buy this article 
22 Cadherin-mediated cell-cell adhesion and growth regulation
Mini Review
Pages  249 -  253
Kazuhide Takahashi
Abstract | Buy this article 
23 Significance of uroguanylin, a new natriuretic peptide, in renal diseases
Mini Review
Pages  255 -  258
Hiroshi Kinoshita, Masamitsu Nakazato, Shouichi Fujimoto, Tanenao Eto
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