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Current Topics in Biochemical Research   Volumes
Current Topics in Biochemical Research
Volume 4
Published in 2001
Table of Contents
1 Tight junction structure and regulation: role in health and disease
Pages  1 -  20
H. Clarke, C. W. Marano, J. M. Mullin
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2 Affliction of diabetic hyperglycemia on mammalian embryo during development and implications in renal dysmorphogenesis
Pages  21 -  35
Elisabeth I. Wallner, Sun Lin, Sumant Chugh, Janaradan K. Reddy, Yashpal S. Kanwar
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3 Interactions of polyamines with mammalian mitochondria
Pages  37 -  48
Antonio Toninello
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4 GnRH-based chimeric proteins: future targeting therapy for adenocarcinomas?
Pages  49 -  59
Ahmi Ben-Yehudah, Haya Lorberboum-Galski
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5 Molecular sliding mechanism of the fastest Chara myosin from green algae
Pages  61 -  70
Sugie Higashi-Fujime, Hiroki Sumiyoshi
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6 4-Hydroxynonenal: an endogenous signal for cell proliferation and differentiation
Pages  71 -  79
Stefania Pizzimenti, Monica Rinaldi, Vito Michele Fazio, Giuseppina Barrera
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7 Transcriptional repression by heat shock factor 1
Pages  81 -  88
Yue Xie, Stuart K. Calderwood
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8 Thymidine phosphorylase, a new molecular target for anti-cancer therapy
Pages  89 -  95
Tatsuhiko Furukawa, Ryuji Ikeda, Misako Haraguchi, Shin-ichi Akiyama
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9 New treatments for hemolytic uremic syndrome
Pages  97 -  102
Howard Trachtman, Erica Christen
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10 Class 3 aldehyde dehydrogenase and cell proliferation
Pages  103 -  115
G. Muzio, M. Maggiora, A. Trombetta, G. Martinasso, R. A. Canuto
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11 Role of the pleckstrin homology domain of PLC-related catalytically inactive protein, p130 in Ca2+ signaling
Pages  117 -  127
Nori-aki Matsuki, Hiroshi Takeuchi, Masahiro Oike, Jianxing Liao, Ferry Sandra, Masamichi Ohishi, Takashi Kanematsu, Masato Hirata
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12 A review of the biological and biochemical effects of tungsten compounds
Pages  129 -  136
Yutaka Tajima
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13 CYP1Al gene induction and susceptibility to cancer
Pages  137 -  147
P-H. Villard, M. De Méo, N. Guigal, E. Sérée
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14 Subcellular localization of calcyclin in mammalian cells and its functional implications
Pages  149 -  165
Jolanta Kordowska, Chih-Lueh Albert Wang
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15 Relationships between viral replication and intracellular redox state. From in vitro studies to new perspectives in the treatment of systemic and local viral infections
Pages  167 -  181
A. T. Palamara, M. R. Ciriolo, G. Rotilio, E. Garaci
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16 EDF-1: something more than just another calmodulin-binding protein
Pages  183 -  191
M. Mariotti, L. De Benedictis, J. A. M. Maier
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17 High-resolution analysis of partial agonist properties for putative antagonists by using mutant α2B-adrenoceptors
Short Communication
Pages  193 -  200
Petrus J. Pauwels, Thierry Wurch
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