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Trends in Cell & Molecular Biology   Volumes
Trends in Cell & Molecular Biology
Volume 3
Published in 2008
Table of Contents
1 Ubiquitin-binding domains as modular adaptors: mechanisms of ubiquitin recognition by Cks1p and Rad23p
Pages  1 -  14
Johanna Scheper, Gilles Divita, May C. Morris
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2 The complete genome sequence of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus 2038
Original Communication
Pages  15 -  30
H-J. Zheng, B-F. Wang, X-L. Zhang, H. Han, G. Lu, L. Jin, S-Y. Pu, Q-P. Hu, G-F. Zhu, S-Y. Wang, M. Oda, T. Konno, G. Fu, Z-S. Ji, G-P. Zhao
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3 Splicing variations in components of Patched/Hedgehog signaling
Pages  31 -  35
Peter G. Zaphiropoulos, Takashi Shimokawa
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4 Identifying novel genes and examining their functions by gene trapping
Pages  37 -  47
Zai-Si Ji, Masatoshi Tsukahara, Shigeru Noguchi
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5 Wing disc cuticle protein genes, isolated during EST DataBase construction of Bombyx mori: expression profile and genomic analysis
Pages  49 -  57
Hideki Kawasaki
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6 Differential effects of Adenovirus E1A and simian virus 40 large tumor antigen upon the activity of the extracellular-signal-regulated kinase and the signal transducer and activator of transcription-3 in rodent cells
Original Communication
Pages  59 -  68
Reva Vidia Mohan, Rozanne Arulanandam, Adina Vultur, Olivia Lo, Jun Cao, Nicholas Grammatikakis, Leda Raptis
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7 Current outlooks on the lipids of gastric membranes and beyond
Pages  69 -  78
Tushar K. Ray, Pratap K. Das, Parimal C. Sen, Jyotirmoy Nandi
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8 Shorted-lived EGFP variants by destabilizing N-terminal amino acid residues
Original Communication
Pages  79 -  84
Jessica Lesmana-Jung, Peter Friedl
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9 Odorants govern selective activation of the human olfactory receptor OR17-210 (OR1E3P) differentially coupled to G-proteins
Original Communication
Pages  85 -  101
Olivier Clot-Faybesse, Anne Tromelin, Maryse Gremigni, Thierry Thomas-Danguin, Aurélie Seassau, Valéry Matarazzo, Peter Lai, Chiquito Crasto, Elisabeth Guichard, Patrick Etiévant, Catherine Ronin
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