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Trends in Cancer Research   Volumes
Trends in Cancer Research
Volume 11
Published in 2016
This is a complementary issue - Complimentary
Table of Contents
1 The diverse roles of the TNF axis in cancer progression and metastasis
Pages  1 -  27
Boram Ham, Maria Celia Fernandez, Zarina D’Costa, Pnina Brodt
Abstract | PDF
2 The inflammatory cancer cell: a powerful ontogenic and phylogenetic recapitulator
Pages  29 -  38
Arias Jose-Ignacio, Aller Maria-Angeles, Gilsanz Carlos, Arias Jaime
Abstract | PDF
3 Crossroads of hallmarks in aging and cancer: Anti-aging and anti-cancer target pathways can be shared?
Pages  39 -  59
Kanya Honoki, Hiroki Kuniyasu, Shingo Kishi, Yasuhito Tanaka, Toshifumi Tsujiuchi
Abstract | PDF
4 Clinical significance of the levels of platelet-derived microparticles, PAI-1 and HMGB1 as prognostic biomarkers for patients with non-small-cell lung cancer
Original Communication
Pages  61 -  69
Maiko Niki, Shosaku Nomura, Takashi Yokoi, Noriko Katashiba, Takeshi Tamaki, Yuichi Katashiba, Yoshitaro Torii, Toshiki Shimizu, Takayasu Kurata
Abstract | PDF
5 HER2-mediated branching morphogenesis is dependent on AKT activation
Original Communication
Pages  71 -  85
Kathleen M. Woods Ignatoski, Radha Arghal, Natalie M. Wolters Niemi, Geeta Mehta, Stephen P. Ethier
Abstract | Buy this article 
6 Transcription factor ZBP-89 in homeostasis and disease
Pages  87 -  97
Sinju Sundaresan, Muyiwa Awoniyi, Juanita L. Merchant
Abstract | PDF
7 Immunohistochemical study supports the targeting of HSP27 alone, or HSP27 in combination with AKT, as therapeutic strategies to treat SPARC+/PTEN-wt or SPARC+/PTEN-null gliomas
Original Communication
Pages  99 -  139
Laila M. Poisson, Sandra Cottingham, Aditya Raghunathan, Andrea Transou, Enoch Carlton, Stacey L. Thomas, Sandra A. Rempel
Abstract | PDF
8 Early-stage breast cancer treatment in the US over 20 years: Changes in therapy and short-term cancer survival
Original Communication
Pages  141 -  156
Linda C. Harlan, Lindsey Enewold, Jennifer L. Stevens
Abstract | PDF
9 Integrating yoga into cancer pain management: A review of the research evidence
Pages  157 -  170
Ram P. Agarwal, Adi Maroko Afek
Abstract | PDF
10 Defeating cancer with high concentrations of vitamin C: evidence from in vitro studies
Mini Review
Pages  171 -  178
D. Mastrangelo, L. Massai, G. Fioritoni, F. Lo Coco, G. Francini
Abstract | PDF


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