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Trends in Cancer Research   Volumes
Trends in Cancer Research
Volume 4
Published in 2008
Table of Contents
1 Cell-based models for discovery of pharmacogenomic markers of anticancer agent toxicity
Pages  1 -  13
Wei Zhang, R. Stephanie Huang, M. Eileen Dolan
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2 A case-control study of toenail Selenium, Mercury, Arsenic and Cadmium and cancer of the breast, colon and prostate in Montreal
Original Communication
Pages  15 -  18
Harold D. Foster, Gregory Kennedy, Patrick Maisonneuve, Daniel Krewski, Parviz Ghadirian
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3 Prognostic impact of p53 mutations and loss of heterozygosity at 9p21 and 11p15 in head and neck cancer
Original Communication
Pages  19 -  24
Martina Becker-Schiebe, W. Hoffmann, U. Pinkert, K. Donhuijsen, H. J. Ochel, G. Gademann
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4 The role of cyclin E in normal and cancer cell cycles
Pages  25 -  41
Nikki A. Delk, Khandan Keyomarsi
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5 Preparation and investigation of antitumor drug Arglabin-loaded human serum albumin (HSA) nanoparticles
Original Communication
Pages  43 -  47
L. Zhaparova, Y. Tazhbayev, M. Burkeev, C. Adekenov, K. Ulbrich, J. Kreuter
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6 Investigation of hyperammonemia expression induced by mFOLFOX6
Original Communication
Pages  49 -  54
Kenji Katsumata, Yasuharu Mori, Daisuke Matsuda, Akihiko Tsuchida, Tatsuya Aoki
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7 Life-prolonging effect and patient satisfaction with immunocell BAK (BRM activated killer) therapy for highly advanced solid cancer patients
Original Communication
Pages  55 -  59
Takusaburo Ebina
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8 Targeting gene transfer using anti-prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-specific monoclonal antibodies: Immunogene approach
Original Communication
Pages  61 -  68
Yutaka Horiguchi, Choichiro Ozu, Kunihiko Yoshioka, Shiro Saito, Atsushi Takayanagi, Nobuyoshi Shimizu, Masaaki Tachibana
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9 Cancer prevention by rice constituents and rice-related agents in animal models
Pages  69 -  77
Hideki Mori, Yasuhiro Yamada, Masaki Katayama, Toshiya Kuno, Akira Hara, Teruaki Iwasaki
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10 Update on HLA-G in tumor cell immune escape
Pages  79 -  92
Edgardo D. Carosella, Sophie Agaugué
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11 Interleukin-27: Biological properties and application to immunotherapy of cancer
Pages  93 -  103
Takayuki Yoshimoto, Noriko Morishima, Masae Okumura, Yukino Chiba, Kouki Onishi, Izuru Mizoguchi, Junichiro Mizuguchi
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12 Classic Kaposi’s Sarcoma
Original Communication
Pages  105 -  114
Laura Atzori, Nicola Aste
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