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Trends in Inorganic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Inorganic Chemistry
Volume 2
Published in 1991
Table of Contents
1 Discovery of the "Tg-Δrule" for oxide glasses and the softening of Cu-site vibration closely correlated with the superconducting transition of high-Tc superconducting oxide ceramics
Pages  1 -  15
Tetsuaki Nishida, Yoshimasa Takashima
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2 Electron-transfer reactions of metal complexes and iron proteins with viologen radicals
Pages  17 -  32
Keiichi Tsukahara
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3 Metal selective polymer resins for the separation and concentration of rare metals
Pages  33 -  47
Toshishige M. Suzuki, Hideyuki Matsunaga
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4 Photolysis of peroxo and superoxo complexes
Pages  49 -  67
Nobuyoshi Shinohara
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5 Kinetics of solid state dissociation reactions of transition metal complexes
Pages  69 -  78
Kikuo Miyokawa, Hisanobu Wakita
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6 Metal dithiocarbamate complexes as excellent precursors for inorganic and electronic materials
Pages  79 -  89
Ryôki Nomura, Haruo Matsuda
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7 Graphite intercalation compounds of fluorine, transition metal fluorides and transition metal oxide fluorides
Pages  91 -  107
Tsuyoshi Nakajima
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8 Spectrophotometric study of complexation equilibria
Pages  109 -  121
Emiko Ohyoshi, Susumu Kohata
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9 Layer structure of iron oxides on iron surface
Pages  123 -  129
Yonezo Maeda, Masaaki Aramaki, Yoshimasa Takashima
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10 On the CT absorption band of alkoxo-bridged copper (II) complexes
Pages  131 -  143
Masahiro Mikuriya
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11 Development of a new route to oxamide from coal and ammonia
Pages  145 -  158
Akitsugu Okuwaki, Taijiro Okabe
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12 Surface modification of polymers by photografting and photochlorination processes
Pages  159 -  170
Ülkü S. Ramelow
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13 Intercalation chemistry of zirconium phosphates
Pages  171 -  187
Yoshitsugu Hasegawa, Isao Tomita
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14 Rapid method for molecular diffusivity measurement of various inorganic chemicals based on laminar dispersion in capillary flow
Pages  189 -  196
Takashi Korenaga
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