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Trends in Inorganic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Inorganic Chemistry
Volume 3
Published in 1993
Table of Contents
1 Kinetics and mechanism of solvent extraction of palladium from chloride media
Pages  1 -  11
Katsutoshi Inoue, Yoshinari Baba, Kazuharu Yoshizuka
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2 Surface characteristics and catalysis of lanthanide- containing bimetallic systems
Pages  13 -  24
Hayao Imamura
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3 Inorganic chemistry of the decontamination of steel surfaces
Pages  25 -  37
Miguel A. Blesa, Alberto J. G. Maroto, Alberto E. Regazzoni
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4 Solution conformation of an 18-residue peptide fragment representing the first zinc binding domain from the HIV-2 nucleocapsid protein by NMR
Pages  39 -  44
Jean-Pierre Laussac, Gilles Peyrou, Maryse Bourdonneau, Monique Erard, Honoré Mazarguil, Manh-Thong Cung
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5 The role of inorganic substances in the chemical evolution of peptides on earth
Pages  45 -  62
Bernd Michael Rode, Juraj Bujdak, Artur H. Eder
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6 Photochemistry of iron porphyrins in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis
Pages  63 -  70
Carlo Bartocci, Andrea Maldotti, Graziano Varani
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7 Catalysis of copper complexes in the oxidation of phenol and related compounds
Pages  71 -  108
Shigeru Tsuruya
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8 Spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and photochemistry of ruthenium(II) complexes containing five-membered heterocyclic chelating ligands
Pages  109 -  130
César De Dios, Guillermo Orellana, María L. Quiroga
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9 Platinum-mediated formation of unsaturated four-membered hetero-or carbocycles
Pages  131 -  136
Charles M. Lukehart
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10 Cationic complexes of platinum (II) containing η2-olefins: A type of highly electrophilic substrates
Pages  137 -  149
Luciana Maresca, Giovanni Natile
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11 Gas phase chemistry of the bare tungsten cation
Pages  151 -  163
A. Ferhati, T. B. McMahon, G. Ohanessian
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12 The reactivity of nickel acylate complexes
Pages  165 -  177
Allan R. Pinhas
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13 Equilibrium, kinetic and mechanistic studies on the interaction between Schiff bases co-ordinated to transition metals and cations in solution
Pages  179 -  191
L. Carbonaro, A. Giacomelli, M. Isola, L. Senatore
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14 Soft chemistry of layered titanates
Pages  193 -  208
Takayoshi Sasaki, Yoshinori Fujiki
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15 Ion exchange and intercalation in layered titanium phosphates
Pages  209 -  223
José R. García, Ricardo Llavona, Marta Suárez, Julio Rodriguez
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16 Formation, characterization and reactivity of layer silicic acids
Pages  225 -  240
José M. Rojo, Jesús Sanz
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17 Forbidden transitions observed: Inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy of vibrational and electronic states of inorganic compounds
Pages  241 -  255
K. W. Hipps
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18 Solvation of ions. IV. Halide ions in water - dimethyl sulfoxide mixtures
Pages  257 -  266
Warren L. Reynolds, Steven Davis, Mira Glavas
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19 The effect of electron configuration on the mechanism of solvent exchange by transition metal complexes
Pages  267 -  274
James F. O' Brien
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20 Probe into the active site (s) of the nickel - containing hydrogenases: A synthetic analogue approach
Pages  275 -  297
Narayan Baidya, Pradip K. Mascharak
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21 Nonaqueous electron-transfer between metal complexes involving a substitutionally labile reactant
Pages  299 -  309
Roland Schmid
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22 Theoretical studies of small molecules clusters
Pages  311 -  319
Anne-Marie Sapse
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23 Thiolato complexes of nickel and palladium. Their role in synthetic inorganic and organic reactions
Pages  321 -  328
Kohtaro Osakada, Takakazu Yamamoto
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24 Conducting polymers containing metalloporphyrins: Electrochemical preparation, characterisation and application to oxidation reactions using molecular oxygen
Pages  329 -  353
Fethi Bedioui, Jacques Devynck, Claude Bied Charreton
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25 Metal-induced sulphonamide nitrogen deprotonation in N-protected aminoacids
Pages  355 -  371
Marco Borsari
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26 Statistics on crystallographic data
Pages  373 -  390
Oliviero Carugo, Carla Bisi Castellani
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27 The photophysical properties of Ru(II) and Os (II)polypyridyl complexes containing 1,2,4- triazole ligands
Pages  391 -  401
Helen P. Hughes, Johannes G. Vos
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28 The chemistry of group 6 metal cyclopentadienyl sulfides
Pages  403 -  414
Joachim Wachter
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29 Coordination complexes of pyridine-2, 6-dicarboxylic acid and pyridine-2, 6-dicarboxylic acid N-oxide
Pages  415 -  435
Lawrence C. Nathan
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30 Molecular architecture of copper (I) coordination polymers towards crystal lattice design
Pages  437 -  462
Susumu Kitagawa, Megumu Munakata
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31 Organometallic complexes grafted to inorganic oxides: Applications in catalysis and molecular separation
Pages  463 -  478
Agnès Choplin, Françoise Quignard
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32 Homogeneous hydrogenation reactions catalyzed by ruthenium and osmium complexes
Pages  479 -  496
Roberto Sanchez-Delgado, Merlin Rosales
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33 Dihydrogen complexes
Pages  497 -  501
Robert H. Crabtree
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34 Polyaminopolycarboxylate and imidazole-based complexes for oxygen activation and DNA metallation
Pages  503 -  530
Rex E. Shepherd
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35 Intermediates and mechanism in oxygen transfer by chromium (V) oxocomplexes related to cytochrome P-450
Pages  531 -  552
P. R. Srikanth Sharma, Boris Rihter, Somu Sri Hari, John Masnovi
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36 Local model calculation for fluorination process in thermal etching of Si. II. Calculation for a larger system
Pages  553 -  558
Akitomo Tachibana, Yuzuru Kurosaki, Susumu Kawauchi, Tokio Yamabe
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37 Thermodynamics of metal binding to human serum transferrin
Pages  559 -  580
Wesley R. Harris
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38 Exotic one dimensional magnetic systems
Pages  581 -  592
M. Drillon, P. Rabu, P. Legoll
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