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Trends in Inorganic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Inorganic Chemistry
Volume 4
Published in 1996
Table of Contents
1 Effects of pH, ionic composition of the medium and temperature on the redox properties of electron carrier metalloproteins studied through voltammetric techniques. Cytochromes c as an example
Pages  1 -  8
Marco Borsari, Gianantonio Battistuzzi, Marco Sola
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2 Nanocomposites containing nanoclusters of metal phosphides of the nickel group elements: An overview
Pages  9 -  12
C. M. Lukehart, Stephen B. Milne, S. R. Stock, James E. Wittig
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3 Phosphonic acids: a magic key for the self-assembly of organized 2-D and 3-D structures
Pages  13 -  25
Stéphanie Drumel, Virginie Penicaud, David Deniaud, Bruno Bujoli
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4 Technetium complexes and radiopharmaceuticals containing the Tc≡N multiple bond
Pages  27 -  41
Adriano Duatti, Licia Uccelli
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5 Chemisorption of simple inorganic/organic molecules on ZnO
Pages  43 -  77
Maurizio Casarin, Chiara Maccato, Andrea Vittadini
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6 Structures and properties of bulky metal complexes with the sulfur-rich dithiolato ligand, C3S52-, and the selenium analog, C3Se52-, as electrical conductors
Pages  79 -  92
Gen-etsu Matsubayashi
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7 Pillared clays and their application on specific catalytic reactions
Pages  93 -  105
I. Benito, C. Pesquera, C. Blanco, F. González
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8 High pressure studies on intervalence transition bands of mixed-valence complexes
Pages  107 -  119
Nita A. Lewis
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9 Survey of Cu(II) and Ni(II) complexes formed by 1,3 - diaminopropane. Similarities in their benzoate complexes
Pages  121 -  144
Markku R. Sundberg
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10 Activation of CO2 on metal complexes directed toward multi-electron reduction and carbon-carbon bond formation
Pages  145 -  156
Koji Tanaka, Kiyoshi Tsuge
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11 Carbonate and alkalimetal incorporation in calciumhydroxyapatite
Pages  157 -  171
Erna A. P. De Maeyer, Ronald M. H. Verbeeck, Ilse Y. Pieters
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