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Trends in Inorganic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Inorganic Chemistry
Volume 5
Published in 1998
Table of Contents
1 Structural and spectroscopic aspects of complexes containing terminal technetium oxo and nitrido multiple bonds
Pages  1 -  13
John Baldas, Zlata Ivanov
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2 Solvation structures of metal ions in non-aqueous solvents as studied by means of EXAFS spectroscopy
Pages  15 -  27
Shigenobu Funahashi, Yasuhiro Inada
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3 Recent advances in metallophthalocyanine-catalyzed carbon-hydrogen bond activation
Pages  29 -  41
M. J. Chen, J. W. Rathke
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4 X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy as a probe of chemical state of catalysts
Pages  43 -  56
Yasuo Izumi
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5 Rhenium complexes with poly(pyrazolyl)borates
Pages  57 -  87
António Paulo, João D. G. Correia, Isabel Santos
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6 Important role of substrate in activation of dioxygen in biological oxygenases
Pages  89 -  103
Yuzo Nishida
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7 Interaction of compounds of chromium (VI) with organic bases, organic acids, amino acids, peptides and other molecules
Pages  105 -  116
Pedro Gili, Pablo A. Lorenzo-Luis
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8 Room temperature molten salt as medium for lithium battery and alloy electrodeposition - fundamental and application
Pages  117 -  123
Y. S. Fung
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9 Theoretical studies on small transition metal clusters
Pages  125 -  144
Reinaldo Pis Diez, Alicia H. Jubert
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10 Oxidation catalysis by biomimetic manganese complexes
Pages  145 -  159
Ronald Hage, Judith Kerschner
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11 Intercalation chemistry of electron donating species into metal chalcogenides with interlayer interactions
Pages  161 -  181
R. Guzmán, P. Lavela, C. Pérez-Vicente, J. L. Tirado
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12 Receptors for the electrochemical sensing of transition metal ions and anions in aqueous environments
Pages  183 -  203
Ramón Martínez-Máñez, Juan Soto, Jose Manuel Lloris, Teresa Pardo
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13 NMR studies of paramagnetic multinuclear metalloproteins
Pages  205 -  236
Li-June Ming
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