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Trends in Inorganic Chemistry   Volumes
Trends in Inorganic Chemistry
Volume 7
Published in 2001
Table of Contents
1 The alkoxide sol-gel route to high-surface-area metal oxides
Pages  1 -  14
M. Penarroya Mentruit, C.Otero Arean, G. Turnes Palomino
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2 Sodium-template applications in the formation of macrocyclic Schiff base ligands and their metal complexes
Pages  15 -  31
Ming Qian, Qingdao Zeng, Shaohua Gou, Wei Huang
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3 Amino, azido, azo and nitro 4’-substituted 2, 2’: 6’, 2”- terpyridines; synthesis and metal complexes
Pages  33 -  55
Reza-Ali Fallahpour
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4 Rhodium-antimony linkages in coordination chemistry as revealed in X-ray structural studies
Pages  57 -  75
Renzo Cini
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5 ‘Third-generation’ electrochemical biosensors based on membrane–entrapped metalloproteins
Pages  77 -  87
Cristiana Bongiovanni, Federica Sinibaldi, Roberto Santucci, Tommaso Ferri
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6 Solvent stabilized transition metal (II) complexes as initiators for polymerization reactions
Pages  89 -  98
Fritz E. Kuhn, Paula Ferreira
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7 Molecular “light-switch” for DNA: the development and possible mechanism
Pages  99 -  107
Liang-Nian Ji, Xiao-Hua Zou
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8 Lanthanide fluorescence chelates and their applications in biassays
Pages  109 -  117
Guilan Wang, Jingli Yuan, Kazuko Matsumoto
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9 Trends in infrared spectroscopy of zeolites
Pages  119 -  133
C.Otero Arean, E. Garrone, M. Rodriguez Delgado
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10 Entropy-stabilized pnictides and chalcogenides of the early transition metals
Pages  135 -  149
Holger Kleinke
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11 Coordination chemistry of thio- and oxo- pyrimidine derivatives
Pages  151 -  166
Gianantonio Battistuzzi, Marco Borsari, Maria Cannio, Raffaele Battistuzzi
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12 Stability of aquachlorocobalt(II) complexes as evaluated by ab initio density functional calculations. Transformation between octahedral and tetrahedral configurations in aqueous solution
Pages  167 -  173
Hideki Masuda, Kenji Waizumi, Nobuhiro Fukushima
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13 Organisation of silicon-based hybrid organic-inorganic materials prepared by Sol-Gel process
Pages  175 -  190
Bruno Boury
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14 Various bridging ligands for the construction of polypyridine metal complexes
Mini Review
Pages  191 -  195
Chang-Shik Choi
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15 Kinetics and mechanistic studies on the chromic oxidation of carbohydrates. Implication on environmental contamination by chromiumVI in soil
Mini Review
Pages  197 -  207
M. I. Frascaroli, C. Palopoli, L. F. Sala, M. Rizzotto, M. Santoro, S. Signorella, V. Daier, J. C . Gonzalez, V. Garcia, V. Roldan
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