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Trends in Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology   Volumes
Trends in Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology
Volume 4
Published in 1998
Table of Contents
1 Occurrence of D-aspartic acid in animal tissues and its role in the nervous and endocrine systems
Pages  1 -  21
Antimo D'Aniello, M. Maddalena Di Fiore, George Fisher
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2 Fatty acid-binding proteins. Chronological description and discussion of hypotheses involving their molecular evolution
Pages  23 -  38
Jose A. Santomé, Santiago M. Di Pietro, Brian M. Cavagnari, Osvaldo L. Córdoba, Esteban C. Dell’Angelica
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3 Amino acid metabolism in the small intestine
Pages  39 -  74
Guoyao Wu
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4 Dynamic cells: temporal organisation and control of phosphorylation
Pages  75 -  88
K. D. Hammond, R. Bhoola, U. Bodalina, D. A. Gilbert
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5 Atrial natriuretic peptides within invertebrates and plants
Pages  89 -  103
David L. Vesely
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6 Structure and function of mammalian α-L-fucosidases
Pages  105 -  118
Jack A. Alhadeff
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7 Effect of thyroid hormone on electrical activity of heart
Pages  119 -  135
Paola Venditti, Sergio Di Meo
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8 Pharmacological consequences of polyamine inhibition in Trypanosomatids
Pages  137 -  152
R. Balaña-Fouce, B. L. Tekwani, R. M. Reguera, C. Ordóñez, J. C. Cubría, D. Ordóñez
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9 Biochemical and molecular studies on metallothionein in Antarctic aquatic organisms
Pages  153 -  164
Rosaria Scudiero, Vincenzo Carginale, Clemente Capasso, Peter Kille, Elio Parisi
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10 Molluscan cell culture
Pages  165 -  176
Aisling Power, Maire F. Mulcahy, David Sheehan
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11 The regulation of insect phenoloxidase activity
Pages  177 -  188
Takuji Tsukamoto
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12 A comparative biochemistry of enzymes for IMP catabolism and hypoxanthine reutilization
With special reference to the comparison of uricotelic and ureotelic organisms

Pages  189 -  199
Roichi Itoh
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13 Ca2+/calmodulin-regulated protein kinases in insects
Pages  201 -  210
Michael Fährmann, Gernot Beinbrech
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14 Systematic analysis of the nature of histone genes in the chicken DT40 B cell line using gene targeting techniques
Pages  211 -  217
Tatsuo Nakayama, Yasunari Takami
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15 Structural stability of fish myosins
Pages  219 -  226
Masahiro Ogawa, Takahide Tsuchiya
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16 Ovarian opioid system in non-mammalian vertebrates
Pages  227 -  233
Oliana Carnevali, Gilberto Mosconi
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17 Melatonin and aging: relationships between melatonin and detoxifying enzimes
Pages  235 -  240
Marta I. Pablos, Jose M. Recio, Maria T. Agapito
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18 The biological roles of legume seed vicilins (7S storage proteins)
Pages  241 -  245
Katia Valevski Sales Fernandes, Jose Xavier-FiIho
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19 The regulation of the fructose-6-phosphate/fructose-1,6-bisphosphate cycle in marine mussels. Effects of environmental hypoxia
Mini Review
Pages  247 -  254
M. J. Diaz-Enrich, I. Ibarguren, J. L. Rodriguez, J. A. Villamarín, R. Barcia, J. Cao, M. Fernandez, J. I. Ramos-Martínez
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20 Stress-activated protein kinases (JNK/SAPKs) of mammalian brain
Mini Review
Pages  255 -  260
Miguel A. Chinchetru, Emilio Casanova, Pedro Calvo
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21 Relationship between the development of the cerebral masticatory center, ingestive behavior and tooth eruption during the weaning period in puppies
Mini Review
Pages  261 -  266
Mitsuo linuma, Shinichi Ikuno, Sadahiro Yoshida, Masaya Funakoshi
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22 Effect of temperature on glycogen phosphorylase activity of Mytilus galloprovincialis mantle tissue
Short Communication
Pages  267 -  272
Fuencisla San Juan Serrano, Pilar Suarez Alonso, Marta Lombraña Tascon, L. Oscar Garcia Martin
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