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Trends in Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology   Volumes
Trends in Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology
Volume 1 Issue 1
Published in 1993
Table of Contents
1 Self-control of heart rhythm in some invertebrates
Pages  1 -  9
Arinobu Ebara, Hisashi Ohshima
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2 Egg-associated molecules which modulate sperm metabolism: Their structure, function and biosynthesis
Pages  11 -  19
Norio Suzuki
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3 Protein turnover in animals: New approaches and application
Pages  21 -  37
Tatsuo Muramatsu
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4 Reactive oxygen species and their detoxification in animal tissues
Pages  39 -  54
Peter Johnson
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5 Isozymes as probes of aberrant gene expression during the development of interspecific hybrids
Pages  55 -  62
Jack S. Frankel
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6 Control of the movements of iridophores of the paradise goby Rhinogobius giurinus
Pages  63 -  70
Tetsuro Iga
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7 Chronobiology of unicells: Multiplicity of frequencies, non-oscillatory states, photoperiodism and effects of biogenic amines
Pages  71 -  87
Rüdiger Hardeland, Ivonne Balzer
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8 Ontogenic variations in the intestinal transport process
Pages  89 -  97
M. P. Vinardell
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9 Association of opioid peptides and of their hydrolysis fragments to immunocompetent cells
Pages  99 -  109
L. Giorgio Roda, Mario Marini, Alessandra Urbani, Lucilla Bongiorno, Clara M. Ausiello
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10 Phylogeny of the neuroendocrine - immune orchestra
Pages  111 -  119
Enzo Ottaviani, Claudio Franceschi
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11 Calcium turnover through a mineralizing - demineralizing epithelium in the terrestrial crustacean Orchestia during molting
Pages  121 -  138
Jean - Claude Meyran, Francois Graf
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12 Phosphorylated proteins from anuran intestinal brush border membranes correlation between the degree of protein phosphorylation and the calcium absorption
Pages  139 -  146
H. EL Maraghi-Ater, J. Mesnard, Y. Dupuis, J. Hourdry
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13 Nociception and pain in birds
Pages  147 -  154
Michael J. Gentle
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14 Molecular studies on the phylogeny and evolution of echinoderms
Pages  155 -  169
Norimasa Matsuoka
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15 The genetic amplification of muscular AMP deaminase: Towards the identification of evolutionary steps
Pages  171 -  181
Jean P. Raffin, Marie T. Thebault, Lahoucine Izem
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16 Comparative studies on adenosine deaminases in marine bivalved molluscs
Pages  183 -  199
Toyoo Aikawa
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17 Regeneration
Birth of Experimental Zoology, Physiology, Recent Research Trends

Pages  201 -  218
Stauros Koussoulakos, Vassili Kiortsis
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18 Somatosensory innervation of the lumber spine and adjacent tissues. A review of the electrophysiological studies
Pages  219 -  227
Toshihiko Yamashita, Yasuhiko Minaki, Seiichi Ishii, John M. Cavanaugh, Albert I. King
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19 Electrolyte transport in lizard intestine: Cellular mechanisms and regulatory aspects
Pages  229 -  243
A. Bolaños, M. Díaz, P. Badía, T. Gómez, A. Lorenzo
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20 Ultrastructure of crustacean nervous abdominal ganglia
Pages  245 -  265
Jordi Cuadras
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21 The systematic of the scorpions: An immunological approach
Pages  267 -  279
Philippe Billiald, Max Goyffon
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22 Serotonin in early embryogenesis
Pages  281 -  288
Kenneth M. Brown, Katherine G. Anitole
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23 Energy metabolism of fish under hydrostatic pressure: A review
Pages  289 -  317
Philippe Sebert
Abstract | Buy this article 
24 Arsenobetaine and its fate in marine ecosystems
Pages  319 -  334
Ken’ichi Hanaoka, Shoji Tagawa, Toshikazu Kaise
Abstract | Buy this article 
25 Biochemistry of the nematode cuticle
Pages  335 -  345
R. H. Fetterer, M. L. Rhoads
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26 On the structure and function of some newcastle disease virus envelope proteins
Pages  347 -  363
Enrique Villar, Adolfo García- Sastre, Isabel Muñoz - Barroso, César Cobaleda, Jose A. Cabezas
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27 Regulation of expression of mammalian testis histone genes
Pages  365 -  375
S. R. Grimes, S. A. Wolfe, D. A. Koppel, L. A. Fogelfeld
Abstract | Buy this article 
28 Effect of anesthetic agents on hepatobiliary function and biotransformation
Pages  377 -  383
John B. Watkins III, Sunita G. Sastry
Abstract | Buy this article 
29 Fish hemoglobins: The family Mugilidae (Perciformes)
Pages  385 -  392
Martino Rizzotti
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30 The role of fructose-2, 6-bisphosphate and fructose-1, 6-bisphosphate in glycolysis regulation of sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.) muscle
Pages  393 -  400
M. C. Serradilla, M. L. Pérez, M. J. Herranz
Abstract | Buy this article 
31 Physiological regulation of glycolysis in sea bass muscle. Kinetic and regulatory properties of phosphofructokinase
Pages  401 -  409
M. C. Serradilla, M. J. Herranz, M. L. Pérez
Abstract | Buy this article 
32 Localization of calcitonin gene related peptide and its receptors in fishes
Pages  411 -  419
Fouchereau -Peron Martine, Arlot - Bonnemains Yannick
Abstract | Buy this article 
33 Metabolism of 2,3-bisphosphoglyceric acid in erythroid cells and tissues of vertebrates
Pages  421 -  450
José Carreras, Carme Gallego
Abstract | Buy this article 
34 Neural generation and modulation of feeding behaviour in the pond snail Lymnaea stagnails
Pages  451 -  462
C. R. McCrohan
Abstract | Buy this article 
35 GTP-binding proteins in human platelets
Pages  463 -  482
Koh-ichi Nagata, Yoshinori Nozawa
Abstract | Buy this article 
36 Endocrine pancreatic control of blood glucose homeostasis in raptors
Pages  483 -  499
Merlyn C. Minick
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37 Urate in decapod crustaceans: Its role in nitrogen excretion and oxygen transport
Pages  501 -  507
François H. Lallier
Abstract | Buy this article 
38 Gonadotropin - releasing hormone structure and the neuroendocrine regulation of reproduction in the cartilaginous fish
Pages  509 -  519
David A. Lovejoy
Abstract | Buy this article 
39 Monoaminergic sytems: Development and interactions with endocrine systems
Pages  521 -  530
Maria Luisa Leret, Maria Isabel Gonzalez
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40 Lipid metabolism in relation to fatness in birds (Comparison of lean and fat chickens)
Pages  531 -  556
Philippe Legrand, Philippe Lemarchal
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41 Comparative biochemistry of molecular species of fish and mammalian collagens
Pages  557 -  567
Kenji Sato
Abstract | Buy this article 
42 Toxic metals, the environment and terrestrial macroinvertebrates
Pages  569 -  582
M. P. Ireland
Abstract | Buy this article 
43 Increased insulin action in adult rats submitted to protein calorie undernutrition
Pages  583 -  594
F. Escrivá, J. Cacho, B. Portha, A. M. Pascual-Leone
Abstract | Buy this article 
44 Flight and echolocation in bats: coupling, and constraints on optimal design
Pages  595 -  606
Gareth Jones
Abstract | Buy this article 
45 Parallel processing and learning in vertebrate, invertebrate and theoretical sensory networks
Pages  607 -  633
H. Schiff, C. Sertorio
Abstract | Buy this article 
46 Neurobiology of the circadian clock of crayfish
Pages  635 -  673
Beatriz Fuentes-Pardo, Jesús Hernández Facón
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