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Trends in Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology   Volumes
Trends in Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology
Volume 1 Issue 2
Published in 1993
Table of Contents
1 Comparative biochemistry of vertebrate acid phosphatases
Pages  675 -  692
Panara Fausto, Angiolillo Antonella, Fagotti Anna, Di Rosa Ines, Pascolini Rita
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2 Mammalian alcohol dehydrogenases
Pages  693 -  707
W. P. Fong, W. M. Keung
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3 The third way of dopamine
Pages  709 -  720
Yoshishige Umebachi
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4 Excitation - contraction coupling in smooth muscle: Current trends
Pages  721 -  735
Jean - Pierre Bourreau, Chiu-Yin Kwan
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5 Comparative physiology in Balearic Islands
Pages  737 -  748
Josep A. Tur
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6 Skeletal muscle ion, acid - base and metabolic regulation during exercise and recovery
Pages  749 -  763
Michael I. Lindinger
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7 Glycosidases in relation to ageing and nephrotoxicity in rats
Pages  765 -  777
Carmen Sánchez-Bernal, Nieves Pérez-González
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8 Sialidase and 0 -acetylesterase of influenza viruses
Pages  779 -  800
Jose A. Cabezas, Enrique Villar, Adolfo Garcia-Sastre, Jean-Claude Manuguerra, Claude Hannoun
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9 Cellular signalling and glutathione-induced feeding response in hydra
Pages  801 -  822
Giorgio Venturini
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10 Immunocompetence, environmental stress, and the regulation of animal populations
Pages  823 -  855
Robert L. Lochmiller, C. Brad Dabbert
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11 Haemoglobin switch in developing chick embryos
Pages  857 -  867
Cirotto Carlo
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12 Steroid hormone profiles in several domestic species and the methodology for determination thereof
Pages  869 -  879
J. C. Illera, G. Silvan, M. J. Illera, M. Illera
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13 Glycosyl phosphatidylinositols in Leishmania and Trypanosoma
Pages  881 -  906
José Luis Avila
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14 Bioenergetics studies in fish
Pages  907 -  922
A. Sanz, C. Enjuto, M. García Gallego
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15 Blood parameters and oxygen-binding properties of small mammals (rodents and bats) haemoglobins
Pages  923 -  932
F. Arévalo, P. López-Luna, G. Pérez-Suárez
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16 Tissue polyamines and free nucleotides of teleosts during growth
Pages  933 -  939
N. Reali, F. Bacciottini, G. Orlandini, M. G. Troglio, R. Viviani, A. Casti
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17 Effects of a high fat diet on the lipid composition of Biomphalaria glabrata (Planorbidae: Gastropoda)
Pages  941 -  958
Bernard Fried, Joseph Sherma
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18 Asynchronous expression of milk protein genes during lactation in the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii)
Pages  959 -  972
K. R. Nicholas, C. J. Wilde, P. H. Bird, K. A. K. Hendry
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19 Drug metabolism and chemical toxicity in diabetes mellitus
Pages  973 -  984
Christopher R. Barnett, Peter R. FIatt, Costas Ioannides
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20 Interactions between the immune and the neuroendocrine systems: The role of vasoactive intestinal peptide and other neuroendocrine signals
Pages  985 -  997
J. R. Calvo, J. M. Guerrero
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21 Second messenger control of the mammalian sperm acrosome reaction
Pages  999 -  1016
Stephen R. Mack, Robert A. Anderson, Lourens J. D. Zaneveld
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22 Functional implications of interactions between lactoferrin and other macro molecules
Pages  1017 -  1030
W. L. Hurley
Abstract | Buy this article 
23 Blood chemistry studies in birds: Some applications to ecological problems
Pages  1031 -  1044
Miguel Ferrer
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24 Insect cell lines as tools for insecticide screening
Pages  1045 -  1056
Klaus-Dieter Spindler, Stephanie Quack, Margarethe Spindler-Barth
Abstract | Buy this article 
25 Signal transduction involved in myogenic differentiation: In vitro pharmacological approach using primary cultures of satellite cells
Pages  1057 -  1071
I. Martelly, C. Lagord, J. Moraczewski
Abstract | Buy this article 
26 Application to flying locusts a powerful method for combating S. gregaria (Forskal) adults
Pages  1073 -  1082
H. Wilps, O. Nasseh, S. Krall
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27 The molecular basis of neuronal magnetosensitivity
Pages  1083 -  1098
María J. Azanza
Abstract | Buy this article 
28 Comparison of several properties of cytosolic and mitochondrial malate dehydrogenases
Pages  1099 -  1118
Josep Lluís Gelpí, Santiago Imperial, Juan José Avilés, Montserrat Busquets, Adela Mazo, Antoni Cortés
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29 Pro-oxidant/antioxidant processes and organic xenobiotic interactions in marine organisms, in particular the flounder Platichthys flesus and the mussel Mytilus edulis
Pages  1119 -  1150
Philippe Lemaire, David R. Livingstone
Abstract | Buy this article 
30 Pharmacological and toxicological aspects of eggshell formation in birds
Pages  1151 -  1171
C. E. Lundholm
Abstract | Buy this article 
31 Metabolic diversity in animals
Pages  1173 -  1177
Carl S. Hammen
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32 Molecular structure and functional properties of the D-3-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase, a mitochondrial membrane bound and phospholipid requiring enzyme involved in the ketone body metabolism
Pages  1179 -  1187
Norbert Latruffe, Pascale Adami, MHamed Said El Kebbaj, Boubker Nasser, Mustapha Cherkaoui Malki, Anne Bailly, Arlette Kante, Jean-Marc Berrez, Catherine Coquard
Abstract | Buy this article 
33 Pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis. Fate and effects of dihalogenated biphenyls
Pages  1189 -  1222
Myranda Wilbrink, Nico P. E. Vermeulen
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34 Extraretinal photoreception by pineal systems: A tool for photoperiodic time measurements?
Pages  1223 -  1240
Hilmar MeissI, Peter Ekström
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35 Enzymes as indicators of evolution and potential adaptation of fish
Pages  1241 -  1253
A. Gelman, S. Mokady, U. Cogan
Abstract | Buy this article 
36 Jasmonate-induced alteration of gene expression in barley
Pages  1255 -  1268
Claus Wasternack
Abstract | Buy this article 
37 Reproduction control in multi - spawning asynchronic Trichogaster trichopterus (Pallas) as a model for anabantidae family
Pages  1269 -  1275
Gad Degani
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