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Trends in Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology   Volumes
Trends in Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology
Volume 7
Published in 2000
Table of Contents
1 Cytotoxicity of lipophilic o-naphthoquinones: structure-activity relationship
Pages  1 -  16
Ana M. Biscardi, Andrés O. M. Stoppani, María P. Molina Portela, Margot Paulino, Marta Dubin, Silvia Goijman, Silvia H. Fernández Villamil
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2 Novel mass spectrometric approaches to structure analysis of proteins in milk and in dairy products
Pages  17 -  31
Francesco Addeo, Lina Chianese, Pasquale Ferranti, Sergio Lilla, Simonetta Caira
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3 Comparative antioxidant defences in vertebrates - emphasis on fish and mammals
Pages  33 -  45
A. Boveris, C. G. Fraga, J. L. Marcon, M. A. Torres, D. Wilhelm Filho
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4 Dynamic cells: temporal organisation and control of signal transducing pathways
Pages  47 -  58
D. A. Gilbert, K. D. Hammond, L. Caravotas
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5 Adenovirus infection and apoptosis in airway epithelia: an implication for adenovirus-mediated gene transfer to airway epithelia
Pages  59 -  65
Shinji Teramoto, Yoshinosuke Fukuchi
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6 Effect of weaning methods on acquirement of chewing function in Guinea pigs
Pages  67 -  73
Lu Chaoming, Mitsuo Iinuma, Yasuo Tamura
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7 Protamines in archaeogastropod and cenogastropod molluscs: an example of a radical evolutionary change in a protein model
Pages  75 -  82
C. Cáceres, E. Ribes, H. E. Kasinsky, M. Chiva, M. J. Zamora, N. Saperas, P. Giménez-Bonafé
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8 Mitochondrial biogenesis: a complex task for the eukaryotic cell
Pages  83 -  91
C. Zazueta
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9 Histone deacetylase-2 controls the amount of the IgM H-chain at the steps of both transcription and alternative pre-mRNA processing in the DT40 cell line
Pages  93 -  100
Tatsuo Nakayama, Yasunari Takami
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10 Protection against oxidative stress in vertebrate tissues
Pages  101 -  111
Paola Venditti, Sergio Di Meo
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11 Capillarisation and fibre types in avian skeletal muscle
Pages  113 -  121
Ginés Viscor, Joan Ramon Torrella, Vicente Fouces
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12 Regulation of the synthesis and secretion of the lipoprotein by cultured eel (Anguilla japonica) hepatocytes
Pages  123 -  130
Djibril Ndiaye, Fu-Gong Yu, Masaharu Komatsu, Seiichi Hayashi
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13 Annelid bioactive peptides: A comparative view
Mini Review
Pages  131 -  141
F. Morishita, H. Minakata, O. Matsushima, Y. Furukawa, Y. Muneoka
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14 Substrate dependency of protein phosphatase activity
Short Communication
Pages  143 -  147
Kathleen M. Eyster
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