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Trends in Physical Chemistry   Volumes    Volume 21 
Assessment of the initial stage of water filtration through polystyrene foam and zeolite
Dmytro Charnyi, Yuri Onanko, Irena Snikhovska, Serhii Shevchuk, Serhii Marysyk, Oleksander Puhach, Yuri Zabulonov, Volodymyr Krasnoholovets
Pages: 55 - 60
Number of pages: 6
Trends in Physical Chemistry
Volume 21 

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We reconsider a full-scale study of purification of water from colloids of different morphology. The existing granules of polystyrene foam (having a positive charge) are supplemented with colloids (having a negative charge, which are conglomerates of bacteria, iron oxides, etc.), which automatically optimises the main parameters. The importance of the vital processes in cyanobacteria during their filtration through granular filter medium is taken into account. The major values influencing the efficiency of retaining the cyanobacterial cells on the surface of the filter medium are determined by the hydrophobicity of their outer membrane and the difference in ζ-potentials. The key factors influencing the “ripening” time of the polystyrene foam and zeolite filter media are outlined. The adherence of cyanobacteria to solid surfaces has recently become an important factor in research aimed at industrial processes. The study shows the possibility of reusing cyanobacteria, keeping them immobile in the filter column, which opens the gateway for their industrial applications. A loop operation with the same cyanobacteria up to 10 times intensifies the water filtration in comparison with usual filters, e.g. zeolite.
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