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Trends in Cell & Molecular Biology   Volumes    Volume 3 
The complete genome sequence of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus 2038
H-J. Zheng, B-F. Wang, X-L. Zhang, H. Han, G. Lu, L. Jin, S-Y. Pu, Q-P. Hu, G-F. Zhu, S-Y. Wang, M. Oda, T. Konno, G. Fu, Z-S. Ji, G-P. Zhao
Pages: 15 - 30
Number of pages: 16
Trends in Cell & Molecular Biology
Volume 3 

Copyright © 2008 Research Trends. All rights reserved

Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus  (Lb. bulgaricus) is a Gram-positive facultative anaerobic strain widely used in dairy industry, mainly for yogurt production. To date, two complete genome sequences of ATCC strains (ATCC11842 and ATCCBAA-365) of Lb. bulgaricus have been published. Using a whole genome shotgun strategy, we present here the complete genome sequence of Lb. bulgaricus 2038, an industrial strain used by Meiji Dairies Corporation. Two main steps are employed to determine the genome sequence of Lb. bulgaricus 2038. First, 19 fold genome coverage sequences from two whole genome shotgun libraries are sequenced and assembled. Second, a two-phase PCR based gap filling approach, including Single Primer PCR and Multiplex PCR, is adopted and obtains the final complete genome sequence of 1,872,907 bp. Annotation of the  Lb. bulgaricus 2038 genome identifies 1,789 protein-coding genes, among them 380 remain function unknown. No prophage has been found in this whole genomic sequence. This might be one explanation of its safety for the food industry.Relatively high number of stable RNA genes has been found and assures the fast growing of this strain. The abundant transport systems indicate its adaptation to milk environment.
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